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How Can You Prepare At Home For COVID

COVID has been here since at least March and it has changed all of our lives significantly. It doesn’t appear as though it will be going away anytime soon.  We keep hearing about the 2nd wave and potential 3rd wave.  No matter what – COVID won’t be gone any time soon.

So what can you do to protect yourself and your family?  And what about if you get COVID – at what point does it warrant an ER visit?

First we all know about washing hands for 20 seconds, using hand sanitizer when you can’t wash your hands and of course having disinfectant at home to keep surfaces clean.  Follow social isolation guidelines as much as you can.  The guidelines are becoming more relaxed because at some point the economy really does need to open – you should still limit interactions with others as much as possible.  When you need to venture out of the house you should wear a mask.  I am not getting into the big mask debate but it is out of respect for others.  We all know a fabric mask will not keep you from getting sick but it will keep you from getting others sick.  If everyone follows that guidance and keeps their “germs” to themselves then no one gets sick.  Problem is some people refuse to follow the guidance.  You don’t need to spend tons of money on a mask.  There are plenty of options on youtube to create your own by sewing them, non sew versions and even some made out of bandanas and socks.  Everyone has a way to make a mask.  Here is mine…

But what if with all that you still end up with COVID?  There are two things you absolutely should have on hand to monitor yourself (and family members) throughout the crisis – and let’s face it, it is definitely a crisis.  First, you need an infrared thermometer (touchless).  You don’t want to be touching each other with the same thermometer.  You will want to track your temperature for when you have conversations with your physician or a hospital.


Another important device is the infrared thermometer.  COVID attacks the lungs and through the illness you may have difficulties breathing.  But just like your temperature it will be important to monitor your stats from home and know when it becomes critical to get to a hospital.  Your physician can guide you through what levels he/she would be concerned at and some of it depends on your medical situation.  For example I have interstitial lung disease – my number may be different than yours due to my pre-existing condition(s).

This particular Pulse Oximeter can accurately calculate within 8 seconds.  When you need accuracy and reliability this is the perfect solution.  For me if my numbers vary greatly from what I show above – it is time to call the doctor, COVID or not.  For someone who doesn’t normally struggle the number may be a concern at 85 or below.  It all depends.  But the key is that you know your “normal” numbers and are able to monitor your abnormal numbers.  Without a meter you can’t do it.

infrared thermometer has so many other great products also to help you through your COVID protection.  They have everything you need for yourself at home, the office or even to get out into the public.

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