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Plant Junkie – Transitioning to Vegan

Have you made the decision to switch to Vegan?  Or are you just looking to replace your normal foods with more healthy options?  Either way Plant Junkie is there for you!

First of all – what is vegan?

Vegans do not eat anything that is made from animal products.  You would be surprised at some foods that actually, rather secretly, include some form of animal products in their ingredients.  To be truly vegan you will need to pay attention to labels and ingredients.

A simple list of some foods that are not vegan are – meat, milk, butter, honey, white sugar (unless it’s organic), some food coloring, eggs, gelatin, some beer and wine, whey etc…

Being vegan does not necessarily mean healthy.  You can be vegan and still have an unhealthy lifestyle by choosing processed foods etc… Most vegans will try to stay away from processed foods because they are choosing to live a more healthy lifestyle.

Plant Junkie definitely helps with a vegan lifestyle.  They offer a line of condiments that are 100% plant based, making them vegan friendly and delicious.  They are all dairy free, nut free, gluten free, soy free, and egg free.

Plant Junkie’s range of salad dressings feature ranch dressings made with avocado oil and vinaigrettes made with expeller-pressed canola oil. For those hungry for healthy flavors in their sandwiches, wraps and dips, spread selections include regular and chipotle lime flavors made with each type of oil.

All of these items are so delicious and so full of flavor.  I love them more than my pre-vegan options due to their rich flavor.  Seriously, Turmeric and Pepper Ranch Dressing?!  What’s not to love!

Or Chili Pomegranate Vinaigrette?  Wow.  You will be hooked just like me!

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