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Accessories complete a man’s whole outlook. Well-chosen accessories can level up any outfit instantly and upgrade the look from 0 to 100. Fashionable accessories complement a dress, but wrongly chosen accessories can also ruin a good look. For a man who doesn’t wear accessories, it can be a bit troublesome to choose proper accessories. One shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting with accessories until he finds an appropriate style that fits him and gets comfortable wearing them. Wearing an accessory means that a man is fashion conscious and takes his time to groom himself. 

Accessory choices change with time and weather. Summer and winter Men Collection accessories vary a lot according to fashion trends. So when choosing an accessory, some things should be kept in mind. Here are some tips and tricks about fashion accessories which any man can try:


Watch has been an essential item in men’s accessory for quite a time. Now, wristwatches have so many variations that there’s always the right choice for the chosen outfits.

For Casual wear, leather banded analog watches always look fashionable. Smartwatches connected with the smartphone are also a good choice for both casual and formal wear. Dress watches are also very elegant with both casual and formal wear.


Belts are worn not only as a necessity but also as an essential accessory from Roman times. Belts are made from different materials, and each has its own appeal. But none can match the elegance of leather belts. For formal wear, a leather belt is a must. It complements casual wears too. There are many types of leather belts. But none can beat the handmade leather belts for men. Leather belts with snapped loops are best because this allows man to wear different buckles and show off his collection. As handmade leather belts go a long way, customized belts that allow you to wear different buckles according to different occasions and outfits would be better.

When wearing formal wear, some things should be kept in mind. The metal of the buckle should be matched with the pins or the handcuffs worn with suits. The colour of the leather belt should be matched with the colour of the shoes.


Sunglasses have always been a vital accessory for a man, especially in summer. By looking at current fashion trends, it can be easily understood that now sunglasses can be worn as an art of fashion in any weather. Glasses that match face shape and match with outfits can upgrade a man’s look to a new level. 

Wearing sunglasses with formal attire requires a few additional tips. According to Vogue,  Lighter shades are preferable when attending a meeting or outdoor social gathering. Because people might get uncomfortable when they can’t see the person’s eye while talking. Wearing lighter shades might help in this issue. Also, wearing classic style shades are more suitable with formal get up.


Men’s fashion director of Moda Operandi told The Newyork Times that Man bag is a hot fashion accessory in recent trends. What type of bag should be taken depends on the work a man is dressing for. Backpacks are a good option for business-casual attire. Leather ones are ideal for office use, and it’s fashionable too. 

A tote bag is versatile in its application. It can be said that it is between back and briefcase in its formality. Leather or nylon tote bag is best if it is to be used as an office bag.

Cross-body bags are very stylish and handy for casual wear. Laptop bags are essential for carrying laptops, and it can also be a part of an accessory to spice up the office look.


Ties are not just accessories for formal attire. Ties are equally trendy with casual wear. Cotton and linens ties go well with casual events while satin or silk goes well with formal or evening events. When choosing a tie, one should keep in mind what type of shirt he is wearing. It is advisable to wear a plain tie with a patterned shirt and patterned tie with a plain shirt. Choosing an appealing colour will enhance the outfit and show off the wearer’s personal flair. 

Suit Accessories

Suit accessories may not be worn every day, but owning them gives an additional advantage in looking classy for special occasions.

Tie clip

Suits can be very boring. But a man can show off his personality in his suit by choosing elegant tie clips. A man can add this high-end luxury piece to his wardrobe, and it will bring a completely new sleek look to the boring old suit.

Pocket square 

Pocket squares are generally for guests attending dinner parties or any formal engagement. The colour of the tie and pocket square shouldn’t be exactly alike. Folds of pocket squares should match the event. For formal occasions, pocket squares should be folded one or two pointed. Pocket squares can also be a part of business casual attire when worn with a relatively simple jacket with additional flairs with a classic puff or more flamboyant folds.


Cuff links are certainly the piece of jewelry every fashion-conscious man should own. 

Cufflinks are versatile, not only in material and design but in the fastening too. some have become more popular and commonplace than others.

There are many varieties like a bullet back, whaleback, chain link, ball return, or the stud/button style. There is a pair that suits the needs and aesthetics of every man. 

Apart from looking good, cufflinks make a great gift for him. And one of the best gifts you can give the special man in your life are novelty cufflinks. Novelty cufflinks are becoming increasingly popular because they can be worn casually and for business events. Apart from enhancing your wardrobe, novelty cufflinks are an eye-catching accessory that can also serve as an ice-breaker or conversation starter; perfect for special occasions such as birthdays, parties and first dates.

When buying accessories, a man should always prefer quality over quantity. Instead of wearing a bunch of low-quality bracelets or rings, one should always wear a few high-quality ones. Accessories shouldn’t be overdone and should always be matched with outfits and occasions properly.

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