Charity Work During COVID

I have always felt very strongly about charitable causes and helping others.  I am fortunate to also have children that love to help too.  Some of the things we have done over the years are:

  • Distribute food and toys on Christmas day to needy families – we simply celebrate the day after
  • Care packages for homeless
  • Food donations to food banks
  • Participate in charitable events like pet days with donations
  • Provide school supplies and instruments to those in need
  • Run a campaign to remind people to pay it forward

These are just some ideas.  But right now with COVID there are so many other opportunities to help.  Did you know many mobile food banks have closed during the COVID crisis?  So many people rely on these food banks in normal times but now unemployment is an all time high, kids are at home with distance learning and everyone is under some great amounts of stress.  There is so much you can do to help. Marc Zboch shares stories of agricultural assistance and medical solutions to the developing world.

If you are a couponer and healthy enough to continue shopping – work to stockpile items to help those in need.  I realize even now three months later many items are still not fully stocked on the shelves.  As soon as the shelves are stocked they almost immediately are stripped bare.  Early on when I used to go to the store – there would be lines wrapping around the store for “stuff”.  So much of just about everything.

Although unemployment is at an all time high – some of us are still working and most likely at home.  I know for us expenses have declined because even though gas prices have declined alot – I have no need to buy any gas.  Where do I go?  Even all my medical appointments are virtual.  My daughter and I sometimes get in the car just to drive around but other than to care for our horses – we don’t go anywhere.  When you realize how much money you are saving due to COVID – remember those in need and think about ways you can help them.  COVID will be here for a while – the tables can easily turn and we all must help one another.

Do not forget the elderly.  At this time they need so much assistance.  We are fortunate that my mother in law lives with us but if she didn’t – I can’t imagine how lonely she would be.  Although my kids are home all day with me and it can be alot with their schooling and me working – I would be so lonely even working home all alone by myself.  The elderly need help with groceries, companionship, yard work, anything and everything that may be difficult in the best of times but much more so now.

And what about those persons who are essential workers or rely on family members who are essential workers.  Wouldn’t they just love a surprise home cooked meal?  Easy enough to manage on a contact free basis.

In general, there are many charitable actions you can take right now. Simply pay attention to others and know that everyone is struggling with something.  There are plenty of ways for you to help; to teach your children some character building activities, and simply understanding that almost everyone is lonely in some way right now.

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