Beard Maintenance: All Your Questions Answered!

A well-maintained beard possesses these three traits: soft, stylish, and clean. What sets beautiful beards apart from the rest lies in the maintenance that goes into it. You may think that combing it down will be enough, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to well-groomed beards. 

We know that it can get overwhelming when you first research beard maintenance. There is now a growing market specially for facial hair care, and it can get confusing thinking about what you will actually need. Look no further, because we’ve compiled the frequently asked questions and the answers to get your beard looking its best.

How often do I need to trim my beard?

While there is no timeline that fits all, the rule of thumb is to factor in your rate of growth and level of comfort. Once you start to get irritated by stray hairs, then it may be time to give your mustache and beard a much needed trim.

What is the right way of trimming a beard?

You will be delighted to find out that you don’t really need to buy clippers for beard maintenance! Using scissors is actually better, since clippers do not allow for mistakes. You can make one wrong move and lose weeks of beard growth. Scissors will allow you to trim your beard slowly so you can check your work as you go along.

Do I need to use beard oil?

Yes! However, it depends on what you will need it for. If you find that you have difficulty with growing out your facial hair, then it may be best for you to try out a beard growth oil. There are some oils that aid moisture, growth, and some that are for scents. Here’s our favourite that manages all three:

What is a beard comb for, and do I need one?

The short answer is yes, you will need a beard comb to keep your facial hair in tip-top shape everyday. It can go a long way, and can even be your companion throughout the day to keep your beard in check!

Regularly combing through your facial hair will help prevent ingrown hairs. This is because regularly running through the hair with a comb will train your hair to grow in the right direction. Once it grows the proper way, ingrown hair can be avoided.

We recommend combing through your beard after using your favourite oil. It will make it easier and tangles will be gone quickly!

How often do I need to wash my beard, and what should I use?

The rule of thumb here is that you should wash your beard as often you wash the hair on your head. It works the same way, since washing it too often can strip it off good oils that will help hair growth and moisture. Just make sure you don’t leave it unwashed for too long as your skin can get irritated and itchy.

Dandruff on your beard is a very real thing, so make sure that you properly clean it and pair it with a beard oil afterwards. You don’t need to go out of your way and purchase a special type of shampoo for your beard right away! You can try using your normal anti-dandruff shampoo first, but if you find that it is too dry then you can shop around for shampoos designed for facial hair.

Do I need beard wax?

Not really. If you are not planning to style your beard everyday, and if it’s not really long enough to be able to, then you can do without beard wax. Your trusty beard comb and beard oil will be able to do the trick for you!

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