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Yes Even You Can Do Video Production

If I were to be asked about video production 20 years ago it would have meant I would be walking around with a huge video camera (not even a professional one) with VHS tapes.  I hated lugging that video camera around.

Then the days came where the cameras got smaller with cassette tape sized video storage.  That was better but still a device that is larger than I cared for.

Now – you can make videos directly off your camera or better yet even off your iPhone or other smartphone. Personally I always make sure I have the newest iPhone since the cameras always get better and better – and use that for just about everything.  I have many cameras and video cameras but as the saying goes – the best camera is the one you have with you.  And who goes anywhere without their phone nowadays.

There are also professional firms that can help with your video production needs or to help you decide a direction such as video production Tampa.  If you have the resources I highly recommend seeking professional assistance especially if you need video production services for a business.  You always want to present yourself and/or your business as professionally as possible.  You don’t want your videos to resemble a 30 second TikTok challenge.

Why Are Videos Important

Simply stated – they increase engagement.  They grab the attention of a reader/viewer.  If you have a business, engagement and active engagement are critical to success.  You can have a great product or service but if you don’t reach readers and viewers what is it all for?  You won’t get anything out of all of your efforts.  Even when it comes to promoting yourself on platforms such as Fiverr, it is proven that the video profiles and gigs have the greatest engagement.

Tips to Create the Perfect Video for Your Brand/Business


Who are you trying to reach?  If you are selling toothbrushes you don’t want to target an audience who are looking for mops.  You want to target an audience who values a bright smile, is interested in dental care or cosmetic dentistry.

The Plan

Although it is perfectly fine to just “wing” it when you are making videos at the beach just for fun, family and friends – you really need a plan and strategy when developing a video for your business.  Try to be as unique and creative as possible.


People love stories.  An excellent example of video stories are the Budweiser commercials.  Everyone in the world waits for the newest commercials with the clydesdales and the puppies!  And Budweiser never disappoints.  They leave us wanting more and wanting the rest of the story.  Personally I think you can never go wrong with puppies…


If you are all over the place with your messaging, people get confused.  Create consistent branding messages and be creative.

Make the Video

Although we all want professional services, if you cannot afford the services do not let that get in your way of moving forward.  Until you have the resources for professional services, just get moving on making the video even if it is with your phone.  There are many apps that you can use to get professional looking videos.  You will still likely have to pay monthly or annually but it is a more affordable way to get going.  At least then you will have an idea of what is working and what isn’t until you can invest in professional services.


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