PAX 3 Review

Right when it seemed like they couldn’t do any better, PAX Laboratories stepped up with their game with the PAX 3 vaporizer. The vaping company added a series of changes that ironed out the first two gadgets’ small little niggles.

While wellness mongers continue to search for “healthier” forms of consuming cannabis among us, vaporizers are becoming increasingly common.

If you’re unsure where to proceed with your vaping tools, you’ve come to the right place without hesitation. Here are the ins-and-outs of one of the most talked-about vaporizers of the year. See if the publicity, the speculation, and the money is worth it!

Pax 3 Overview

There are still newcomers to the market, and we don’t have any trouble agreeing that this PAX 3 review is for you.

In any case, the PAX 3 is the newest PAX Labs vaporizing tool, and it has already made quite a name for itself over the last few years.

Don’t let this device’s lightweight nature fool you. PAX 3 outshines its competitors with an almost funny list of apps you really need to see to believe.

This vape includes one flat and one arched mouthpiece and a regular oven cover. It also has concentrate plug, half-pack oven roof, multitool, carry case and external screens

Pax 3: Performance

The PAX 3 warms up to the specified temperature in around 15 seconds. The device automatically cools down after vaping. The illuminated LED lamps behind the ‘X’ logo of the vape slowly transform from dark blue to green and returns to ‘all-clear,’ based on the system’s cooling or heating.

One of the most notable changes over its predecessor is the PAX 3’s battery life. The battery seems to hold indefinitely. With one charge, you can have three easy, long vape sessions. This just requires 90 minutes to charge the battery. So the only downside is the magnetic link between the USB port and the computer that may be broken if the machine is just marginally pushed.

The device is pretty small which always comes at the vape’s expense. That being said, even at higher temperatures, the vapor released by this device does not rub your throat. The silicone mouthpiece remains excellent. The vapor has a smooth taste, which helps to thoroughly enjoy your herbs’ aroma in all their aspects.

Pax 3: User Friendly

One click should do the job. You won’t be much concerned about switching the vape off and on the vape, switching the temperature control mode, and looping through temperature settings. Haptic feedback will notify you once the vaporizing mechanism is ready. Instead of staring at the vaporizer, you should place your attention on your chatting friend. There’s just the manual in the package and PAX includes further guidance on their website.

In reality, the PAX 3 vaporizer has an application that expands the device’s already amazing capabilities in a useful way. Apart from the usual alternative to adjust the temperature by increments of one degree, the software enables you to select four heating modes.


The PAX 3 is the newest effort to show that a compact top-of-line vaporizer can be priced at a medium-level size. The smart motion control is customized to your vaping needs, which is a crucial factor in the ability of the app to easily heat up and cool down. So PAX ‘s new contribution to the vaporizer world will be at the forefront of most potential vape enthusiasts’ list.

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