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Ways to Make Extra Money as a Fitness Trainer

Today’s fitness work rewards and the trainers are remunerated well. When you land at the industry, you’re assured of exciting things; you remain fit and help others too.

Your apparel is darning in gymnastics clothes and carries that bag as your toolbox. It contains your exciting blending athletic clothes and gym memes.

The work is more of training others in the different set times. The clients arrive according to their availability and work in hours. When you have a client is when you get paid.

Across the world, the trainer is among the well-paid workers. The only difference being it’s a physical job.

How much then are fitness trainers paid?

The payment is majorly on the number of hours you put to work. The hourly payment may look lucrative but without clients, you earn less. With an average of $46000 a year, it’s better than a dozen other jobs around the world.

The fitness trainers are employed and rarely are the owners of the gyms. The amount of work you put to your job however is not a 9 to 5 job.

The freedom to work and remain healthy, fitness trainers implement what they teach. When you find your work is not as rewarding as you’ll like, you can supplement it. How do fitness trainers make more money than they have? The following can be ways a fitness trainer earns more.

Get Paid Extra as a Fitness Trainer

Customize your training plans – most clients are willing to pay for personalized training sessions. Make your programs at your studio and package them for sale.

The package plans can be weekly plans or monthly. Let your clients own the process. Many clients are busy and will rather schedule their time than fit in your plan. Selling plans will increase your earnings considerably.

In your plans have follow-up sessions; they’re a sure way of getting paid more. 

Health and nutrition training online – start programs designed for the people in your area. Learn their needs and customize your products for them.

Then start online pieces of training and selling nutrition packages. Work from your studio as you stream for clients. Offer your coaching services to people around the world.

The nutritive packages should contain the dos and don’ts of food. Make those losing weight have a diet plan and sell to them.

Use social media platforms to reach clients around the world. Your internet has to be stable and allow live streaming.

Give Presentations – make use of around schools and other institutions. Reach out to them and present your health and wellness programs.

Schedule talks with learners and business groups during their workshops. Most firms have informal business building programs, let then fit you in. Be it seminars or workshops you can fit in their programs. Coach them and get paid as an expert in your area

Let them pay according to the number of attendees. That gives you more than per session charges.

Build a website and start a blog – the blog may take time to build but in longer run very lucrative. Set up the website and put the services you offer. Earn through the packages you sell on the website.

Also, upload paid videos to the website and have clients pay as they use. The website should focus on body-building, weight loss, and health and nutrition.

Make it informative and offer pieces of training online. Offer life-coaching services too.

The blog can be the best way to highlight the milestones in fitness. Get clients to have conversations with you and amongst themselves on your blog. Learn from them what they want and sell it to them.

Monetize your blog and website for better returns.

How to become a male fitness model

Become a Brand Ambassador – start with your fitness. Take your body-building classes and become fit. Your muscles have to develop and showoff. Then start participating in fitness events.

Compete with other male models and build your brand. If you have already set up a website and a blog, it’ll help you more. Indicate the milestones in your site, and have followers cheer you.

Have companies partner with you to build your brand. You can start with agencies for male models.

Reward yourself for every step and write to inspire your clients on your sites. Have feedback to improve you and your services.

Become an affiliate – as a brand ambassador, you can become an affiliate to companies. Make a cut in the business industry and affiliate for lifetime returns. Companies that agree to work with you can accept this arrangement.

Draft an agreement and as an affiliate, earn as their brand ambassador too. It is a win-win for the company and you. Create affiliate links and earn from the products sold to your followers.


There are many options to make extra money as a fitness trainer. If you’re willing to take the necessary steps, the returns are limitless.

The fitness industry offers you an opportunity to earn more with the above strides. Use your creativity and apply the proven ways of building wealth.

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