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The Importance of Dental Care

Many people don’t realize just how important dental care is.  I am 100% serious when I say dental care is critical from an early age throughout your entire life.  Unfortunately, some people have had poor dental experiences, suffer anxiety, or don’t have insurance coverage to go.  But these concerns do not negate the importance of proper dental care.

Your overall health is definitely impacted positively if you maintain proper dental care.  If anxiety is an issue there are many ways to help with that.  Dental anxiety hasn’t been an issue for me but definitely has been for my kids.  I spent my childhood petrified of my dentists office.  They weren’t well versed in working with children.  Then my adulthood I spent with a dentist who was in town and he was okay and attentive but didn’t have the latest technology or tools.  But I didn’t know what I was missing until he retired and I moved on to a dentist in an urban area.  My new dentist has amazing tools, excellent demeanor and is very personable.  In fact even though he is not a pediatric dentist I have moved my children also over to him and they never ever complain about the dentist anymore – in fact they can’t wait to go back.

Cavities and gum disease can impact your ability to speak properly, eat comfortably, can cause pain and even bad breath.  If you have bad breath that is a sure sign that you need to pay attention to your dental care.  But few people realize how lack of appropriate dental care extends to issues far beyond that of just your mouth.  Poor dental care can affect your heart, a pregnancy, inflammation in your body for things like arthritis, clogged arteries, strokes or even autoimmune disorders.  Now we know a dentist will tell you dental care is important – after all it is their career.  But it actually is – even a doctor will tell you so.  Just an FYI – this doesn’t hold true for just humans.  I raise horses and let me tell you when one of them is struggling with an ailment, 9 times out of 10 the first call I make is to our equine dentist.  This is also why when your dentist surveys you with questions at the beginning of an appointment – they really do need to know if you have any new medications, diagnosis’ and more.  Sometimes it may cause them to look at things they otherwise may not have.   You can learn more through Frank Roach Dentist.

Many parts of your body have what we would consider good bacteria and potentially bad bacteria.  Your mouth is definitely one of those places.  The good bacteria helps with digestion while the “bad” bacteria is clearly not helping with digestion.  The bad bacteria can cause illnesses and infection.  Brushing and flossing help to keep the harmful bacteria from your mouth and cleans up the food particles that can be left behind to feed the bacteria.  Brushing and flossing helps you stay on top of getting rid of that harmful bacteria.  When you lack proper brushing and flossing, plaque can build up on your teeth and when that becomes excessive it can lead to gum inflammation and gum diseases. Toowoomba Dental Clinic can help with all of your dental care needs.

If/when you are pregnant it is critical that you care for your teeth and have frequent dental checks.  Did you know poor dental care and poor dental health can lead to premature births, low weight births and more.  These are things I would normally associate with smokers etc… but yes, poor dental care too. Then of course the trickle down effect is that premature and low birth weight babies end up having their own medical concerns that can be temporary or last a lifetime.

Please continue to maintain your dental health and care properly for your teeth.  Your life may literally depend upon it!

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