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My Favorite Bowl For Vegan Meals

When I started following a vegan lifestyle I had no idea where to begin.  What I did know was that I was never a big meat eater so letting that go was not a huge deal.  Seafood has never been a part of my life except for cans of tuna – not exactly a slab of fish… I knew to succeed I would need to eat all vegan foods that I have always enjoyed BUT also add in more and more.  Trying new foods has become a way of life for me.  Each and every time I grocery shop my daughter and I look for at least one new thing to try.  Sometimes I don’t like them and sometimes they are a new favorite.

I have found that I thoroughly enjoy making meals that are full of color and flavors.  Arranging them in a beautiful way is so much fun.  After I arrange them and they are visually appealing – I generally mix it all up together (not always but often).  Putting it all together on a plate won’t work because when I want to mix it all together it can become a big mess without sides to the dish.

The answer is this amazing set of pasta bowls from Zak.  They are 35 ounces each and come in a set of 6 and available in multiple colors.  The set I have is confetti mint and I LOVE them.

The bowls are 8 inches, durable and eco-friendly – made with 40% post-industrial recycled melamine.  Dishwasher and BPA free.  They cannot be used in microwaves.

Zak! has always had amazing products that are well made and I am a huge fan.  These bowls are the perfect tool to help me be successful as a vegan and I know they can help you be successful too!

You can find these amazing “pasta bowls” on as well as on Amazon.

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  • gloria patterson

    I am not a vegan but I could go to down on the food in the pictures. And as for the big bowl I found one (just me) at walmart and I love it. Like you said you can add and mix with out a mess

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