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Restless Puppy? Three Ways to Calm Them Down!

Puppies are so perfect. Well, when they’re not having accidents everywhere, or chewing up your favorite pair of shoes, or begging to play in the middle of the night. Let’s rephrase that: puppies are pretty much perfect.

The puppy blues don’t just apply to your four-legged friends — they can apply to you too! Sometimes your precious little pup can really wear you down, and it’s OK to admit that. If you’re looking for a much needed, good night’s sleep, then it’s time to tucker your furry friend out. Escape those puppy blues and sleepy daytimes with these three easy tips for calming your puppy down!

Puppy Playdates

Don’t have multiple dogs? Don’t have friends with dogs? That’s A-OK. Puppy playdates are possible even without knowing anyone! Check to see if your area has a dog park or dog run nearby, and take your furry friend over. Since they’re still little you might want to keep them on a leash as they visit with the big dogs, but after a while, they should be used to it. All the excitement of being outside, running with other dogs, and meeting so many new friends is a simple and surefire way to get them tired out at the end of the day! Plus, the other dogs do most of the work for you! All you have to do is hold on to the leash and watch as your little bud makes all kinds of new friends. For any extra advice, brush up on your dog park etiquette.

Puppy Training

Another great way to tire your dog out is through training. Plus, the added benefit is that you’ll be teaching them new skills and tricks! Consider signing up for a puppy training course in your area. These classes will teach the fundamental basics of sit, stay, and come. Some of them will even focus on meeting new strangers and performing other tricks! If you don’t have that much extra cash and extra time, you can also work on training at home using this AKC guide. Using positive reinforcement and plenty of treats, your dog can learn all those basics at home — it just requires a little extra patience on your part.

Puppy Supplements

Pup still bouncing off the walls? Then it’s time to consider a supplement for them. Hemp Oil for Dogs uses CBD to help your dog mellow out in the most natural way. This supplement can be taken at any time of day and can be used for calming your pup down when you leave for the day. We’d recommend trying it out a few times before bed and seeing how your pup reacts. Another supplement to consider is melatonin — but no, not the one for humans! Find a brand of melatonin made just for dogs, that way it doesn’t have any additives that are OK for humans but unhealthy for fur babies.

We hope this article helped you to find a way to calm your crazy puppy! And hey, a word of advice: this won’t last forever. Soon your pup will be grown up, and your eye bags will go away. Keep patient, and keep on loving your furry little baby!

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