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N95 Masks by Protect Life

Covid has been with us since March.  It seems like it will never end.  We made it through the summer months without an outbreak in our area but now that the Fall is here, so many areas around me are suffering an outbreak – including the area we live in.

It doesn’t seem to be tied to children being in school – which is what you would expect.  It seems to be tied however to large gatherings.  Early on with COVID people avoided large gatherings.  Now they happen all the time.  This weekend I finally got to see my brother and his family in person but we wore masks the entire time – taking no chances.

In November I am having surgery.  It is rotator cuff surgery so it is considered elective.  I am hoping elective surgeries don’t get cancelled again.  That happened to me in March then in April it became an emergency surgery situation.

Until then, I will be even more diligent with masks and precautions.  I have always supported wearing a mask and always do wear one myself.  But as the surgery date draws closer I don’t want to risk getting COVID or being exposed to COVID in any way.  I am now switching from my disposable surgical masks to N95 masks until my surgery date.

Protect Life has the perfect N95 masks.  They are very form fitting with a fitted, comfort band nose piece.  There are elastic fastening straps for the perfect fit.  I love that they are a foldable design with a soft lining and best of all they are all individually wrapped.  I have other N95 masks but they are not individually wrapped and once I open the package they are all “exposed”.  That hardly seems like the best way to keep all of the masks not in use, protected.

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