How Posting Fresh Blog Content Improves SEO

If you have a website, a blog or an online business, you’re definitely familiar with search engine optimization or SEO. As many marketers like to point out, SEO services are the lifeline of a website and play a major role in developing effective digital marketing strategies for any business out there. Maybe you’ve applied some of the SEO principles yourself, or maybe you’re just beginning your SEO adventures right now. Whatever the case might be, learning more about SEO and its benefits can prove extremely useful in the long run. 

The main purpose of all SEO activities is to improve a website’s ranking in SERP. Better rankings translate into increased visibility, higher traffic and more opportunities to attract customers and increase sales. Sounds like a perfect recipe, but as you might guess it’s not all that simple. 

Increasing organic traffic on your website is not an easy task. Current statistics reveal that only 9.37% of all web pages get organic traffic from Google, making it obvious that you’ve got to work extra hard to lure visitors to your website. That means you have to step up your SEO game and employ the best strategies to get people to notice you. There are many tactics that can help in that respect, but if you’re no SEO expert and you can’t afford to hire one either, it can be tricky to decide where to focus your efforts. However, if you’re looking for a starting point to improve your SEO strategy, we strongly advise to focus using one of the content management systems like medium, but there are other alternatives to medium that you can consider using, and in the following article we’ll explain why you need to keep posting fresh content.  

Why content is king 

Bill Gates came up with the phrase content is king in 1996, and all we can say is he was right on the money. We don’t know if he looked into a crystal ball to predict the future with such great accuracy, but here we are today, more than 20 years later, seeing for ourselves how content rules the internet. If you don’t believe us, there are also statistics to back him up. Apparently, website traffic can increase by up to 30% when you publish 21-54 blog posts. 

Gates mentioned that the internet is and always will be a medium for supplying information and entertainment for people all across the world, and all companies should take advantage of this opportunity. Anyone can find any information he desires with just a few clicks, and people are always eager to consume content that proves valuable to them. As such, content becomes the most valuable product on the internet.  

How fresh content can help SEO 

It isn’t just any type of content people are looking for. It’s fresh content that can boost a SEO strategy by driving traffic to a website and improving its authority for search engines. When we say fresh content, it’s important to mention we’re not talking about updated content on a website. Tweaks and updates to existing content can indeed prove useful for SEO purposes, but it won’t significantly improve traffic results. 

Content should definitely be unique and when you are unsure, run the content through Copyscape and images through copyseeker.

Fresh content is about adding brand new pages to a website, and that can be done by posting regularly on your blog. Fresh and constant blog posts are the key to boosting your SEO strategy and getting the results you expect. But how exactly do fresh posts achieve that? Here’s what you should know.

A pro online tool like can help you save yourself from the nuisance of plagiarism. This advanced online plagiarism checker deeply scans your text and identifies the chunks of duplication. Before posting content on your website, make sure it’s free of plagiarism to avoid any negative consequences. The aforementioned plagiarism checker tool detects and displays the results in terms of percentage. You can quickly figure out how much proportion of your text is copied from other sources over the web. This tool will also let you know the exact source from where the content is duplicated.

Increasing regular traffic

As we’ve mentioned previously, internet users are always on the look for content that is relevant for their interests and needs. Let’s say your websites provided great material for your visitors to read that drew a lot of traffic when it was published. But then you’ve stopped posting anything new, and traffic decreased. You’ve got to give the audience a reason to return, and the best way to do it is by constantly sharing ideas and information with them through blog posts. No one will come to your site twice to read the same piece of information, so you’ve got to come up with new and engaging topics for your blog posts to keep visitors coming back for more.  

Using the right keywords 

Keyword optimization is a big part of any SEO strategy. Keywords are used in order to help search engines understand what the web pages are about, so they index them properly and drive relevant traffic to them. Depending on what your website is about, you’ll use keywords that are related to your activity, so your website will appear in SERP when someone searches for those keywords. 

Not so long-ago websites embraced the more is more approach, using as many keywords as possible on their pages without no regard to the context and content in which they were used. But now Google penalizes this practice called keyword stuffing, so you’ll have to use keywords organically and include them in an appropriate content. That means creating fresh content with relevant keywords that will help your website rank higher in search results. 

More content for Google crawlers 

Search engines such as Google use crawlers to go through web pages in search of new content to be indexed. These smart bots are able to identify fresh content and pages that are being regularly updated, so they’ll index each and every page you create. The more often you publish content that is indexed by Google crawlers, the higher the chances of improving your ranking in SERP. 

Link building 

Each time you include a new page on your website, you create a new link as well that can be used for internal and external linking. Link building is an essential SEO practice and probably the one that drives the best results. When other websites link back to one of the pages on your website, that sends a signal to search engines that your website has relevant and high-quality content on a certain topic, thus establishing credibility and building your website’s authority. So, by publishing new content you create more opportunities for other websites to link back to yours and that will automatically improve SEO.  


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    High frequency of content publication ensures that the site will be well indexed by search engines. As representatives of search engines admit, newness of content plays a role in ranking only for a limited number of queries. In general, it should be immediately obvious which materials should be relevant and which are not fundamentally outdated. Investing once in quality content on the site, you can then receive dividends and perfectly manage your reputation on the Internet.

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