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How To Sleep Better While Working From Home

Now that there are more people than ever before who find themselves working from home, we’re presented with the unique opportunity to restructure our sleep schedules for the better. If you find yourself looking for ways to sleep better when working from home, adding a little bit of routine and discipline into your practice can go a long way in making this accomplishable. 

While working from home can be majorly convenient in a wide variety of ways, one of the things that is particularly challenging about it can be the difficulty in separating your workspace from your rest space. Whether this means investing in a top-rated mattress for an irresistibly cozy night’s sleep, or simply finding the discipline to structure your sleep, here are some top tips to have you snoozing in no time: 

Keeping your work and rest areas separate

It’s best to have a separate ‘office’ that you assign to getting work done in your home. Remember, the only purpose of your bed should be for sleep, so ensuring that you’re spending zero time on the bed doing any work is equally important when it comes to getting things done efficiently. 

809Even if you don’t have the best mattress for the job, finding ways to make your bed extra cozy can really make all the difference when it comes to catching up on some much needed zzzs. Finding a work desk and proper office chair to place either in the corner of your bedroom or a separate room of your home will ensure your body associates your bed solely with sleep. 

The importance of sleep when working from home

Though working from home does give you an increased amount of flexibility when it comes to your sleep schedule, consistently is important for healthy sleep hygiene. When you sleep better, your focus, energy, and mood levels throughout the day improve and remain optimized. 

Proper rest means increased productivity and higher quality output – all this means is that if you sleep better, you’re setting your day up for success. But how do you ensure you stick to a sleep schedule that works for you? 

Optimizing your sleep setup 

One of the most obvious and important ways to ensure you sleep better through the night is by making sure you have the best mattress for your rest. The best mattresses are going to focus on providing you a comfortable night’s sleep while still being supportive enough to relieve your body of any unnecessary strain. 

Memory foam mattresses are often ranked amongst the best mattresses for a good night’s sleep for this very reason. Their versatility makes them the best mattress for those who are looking to sleep better and deeply through the night. Motion isolation capabilities also mean that memory foam makes the best mattress for couples who are often interrupted by any late-night tossing or turning.

To figure out if you have the best mattress for your sleep, remember that you can also trial a mattress before committing to your purchase. Being able to test out a new bed and tracking your sleep through the change can be a great way to observe the real-time positive impacts a good night sleep has on your work and your wellbeing. 

How to practice proper sleep hygiene when working from home 

Sleep hygiene refers to the habits you might choose to engage in a few hours before going to bed. One of the most important tips when it comes to finding ways to sleep better is to ensure you turn off the blue light in all your devices closer to the evening. Blue light can cause interrupted sleep, and makes it extremely difficult for anyone trying to focus on a good night’s rest. 

Another way to improve your sleep cycle includes making use of the ‘do not disturb’ setting on your phone. It’s important to have digital boundaries of work when your home becomes your office – that means no emails after six pm, and making sure you’ve had a healthy meal to start your day before jumping into issues with work.

If you’re pretty sure you already have the best mattress for your sleep, there are still ways to optimize your make sure you sleep better. These include foam mattress toppers, which provide another layer of comfort, and of course, extra pillows to support and hold on to.

From finding the ideal work corner in your home, to investing in the best mattress for your sleep, there are plenty of ways to make sure you sleep better while working from home. Keeping things simple and sticking to a routine through the night is going to make the process a lot easier for you, and will ensure you remain well rested and as productive as you can be for the day ahead of you. 


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