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At the early part of 2020, no could have imagined that live entertainment would have had to make a full pivot into the online world. Duncan William, a professional magician and mind reader from Nottingham has had to do just that. He spent much of his professional career wowing audiences around the globe with his magic and mind reading. His performances as an iPad magician London have taken him as far as New York, Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands. He was and still is, in high demand as a digital illusionist but the times of change.

As of the start of 2020, magicians had to think innovatively as to how they would still perform to audiences. People were not quite as excited to embrace these new changes and defaulted to family meet ups or family quizzes to inject some fun as Covid restrictions prevented socialising. In the fist few month of lockdowns as the pandemic swept the UK people weren’t ready to embrace an online magic show for fear that it wouldn’t be fun or engaging and might be a little bit cheesy. However, in that time, some of the brightest and most innovative minds in the world of magic and mentalism have adapted to this challenge as created hard-hitting engaging magic for online and zoom shows.

Duncan William, was one of those pioneers of online magic. In fact even prior to the Coronavirus pandemic he had been performing a few shows online. When we spoke to him earlier this year he said:

“This year has been tricky for everyone and especially singers, dancers, musicians, magicians and in fact everyone in or involved with the production and delivery of live entertainment. Theatres and public spaces which promote live entertainment have been hit the hardest. Fortunately, zoom has provided many magicians with the platforms to still deliver incredible miracles” Duncan William 2020

As the year presses on and more magicians work collaboratively to hone performance styles and adapt their routines to an online environment, those who have embraced that change have reaped the rewards. Christmas 2020 saw a real uplift in people search for an ‘online magic show’ or ‘virtual magician’ in the hope to bring something new to their Christmas party. Not only are these shows innovatively but they are able to adhere to social distancing requirements, involve the whole family and cater for both large and small audiences. In fact some performers have also been performing for shows with collaborations and guest appearances from other members of the magic circle.

So what is Duncan’s online magic show all about?

You can expect a truly unique show each time you watch it. The reason being is being this is 100% interactive which means the end result can be different every single time. You will still have the same open mouthed, head scratching moments but Duncan may accurately guess that someone is thinking of a pink and blue striped zebra in one online magic show but then accurately guess that someone is thinking of the name of their Great grandfather. The show is about 40 minutes in length. It fun, entertaining and interactive and perfect for conferences, corporate events birthday parties and Christmas parties where quiz fatigue has well and truly gripped everyone!

If you are interested in something fun and alternative then look no further than the incredible online magic show performed by Duncan William.

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