6 Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Deny Your Injury Claim

Your insurance policy is supposed to cover your expenses in case of an accident. While this is what most insurance agents will promise you when selling you a claim, sometimes it’s not the case. Some insurance companies frustrate victims by making it difficult to get the required settlement.

Every insurance company’s goal is to make a profit, and paying a large sum of money for your injury claim is not profitable. This is the main reason why insurance companies result in below six tricks to deny your claim:

1. They pretend to care about you

After an accident, we are often quite vulnerable, and we crave a little comfort and care. All you need is someone who is there for you, who cares about you, and makes you feel important. All insurance companies know about this, and they take advantage of your vulnerability by pretending to care about you. This is the easiest way for an insurance adjuster to win your trust and spy on you. Don’t fall for this trick.

2. They will misinterpret your words and use them against you

When an insurance agent asks for permission to record as you give details of the accident, be very careful what you say. Most times, that recording will be played later, and your words will be used against you, often misreading the meaning of your words. Fortunately, you don’t have to agree to the request. Always remember that you don’t have to speak to an insurance company representative without a lawyer present.

3. They will try to discourage you from hiring a lawyer

If the insurance agent gains your friendship and trust, they will try hard to convince you that hiring a lawyer is not in your best interest. They often reference the legal fees you will pay and the fact that you will have to give the attorney a percentage of your settlement. The adjuster’s main aim is to ensure that your financial recovery is minimized. After an accident, it’s essential to  hire an experienced personal injury attorney  to ensure that you get a fair settlement.

 4. They ask for your medical records

Although tricky, this is a very reasonable request. The adjuster may state that the medical records are for the insurance company to understand the extent of your injuries. However, this is not true. The only reason that the insurance company wants your medical records is to look for a way to minimize your settlement. They do this by checking for other pre-existing medical conditions that could explain your current symptoms.

5. They try to make you doubt your doctor

An insurance adjuster can make you believe that certain treatments were not necessary. By claiming this, the insurance company minimizes the settlement amount by disapproving these treatments. If this happens, never forget that the insurance company is not on your side; your doctor is. It’s their job to ensure that you get the necessary treatment.

6. They will constantly dodge your calls and meetings

While this is the most irritating stalling technique, it is also the most effective for insurance companies. They will keep putting you off by giving bogus reasons why the claim hasn’t been paid yet. When this happens, most people often give up on the claim.

What to Do When Injured in an Accident

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, ensure you hire a personal injury lawyer. Always remember that most insurance companies want to maximize their profits and sometimes violate rules to do so. For this reason, having a lawyer who is experienced in negotiating with insurance companies is the key to getting the right compensation.

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