Pets indeed make a great companion. Their cute eyes, little paws, and the joy they express upon seeing you are indeed heart-melting. They are little beings that not only captures your attention but also find a spot in your heart. Pets can change your mood in an instant. If you come home tired and frustrated, the sight of your pet waiting at the door for you can make you smile and feel relaxed. According to studies, if you are a pet owner, the good news is that you a happier and healthier person. The bad news? Your house might not be as squeaky clean as it used to be before any pet.

Owninga cat or a dog, you must have gone through the pain of keeping your house clean or ways to keep the hair and dander at bay. Being a pet owner, it may seem normal to us to live with all the dander and the hair shed of our pets, but things get embarrassing when your guests start complaining about it. Another complaint that you might hear from guests is about your house’s odor because of a pet.

The stinky odor can make you and anyone that visits your house, run for their life. Many hacks can help you overcome the smell, but the first thing you need to do is to potty train your cat or dog. Training them in a litter box can make it easy to control the odor or prevent it from spreading all over your house. Keeping your home clean or free of your cat’s fur is impossible, but it does not mean that you cannot find hacks to keep it clean or at least try. The following hacks can do wonders.


If you find your cat sleeping on the sofa and you do not want to move it off of it, it’s time you upgrade your sofa. Usually, the sofa covers are velvet or other fabric that can serve as a hair magnet. And once your cat leaves the spot, you will find strands of fur all over the sofa—the best hack to keep your sofa fur-free, upgrade the fabric material. Covers like rexine or any other fabric that is easy to clean can let your furniture stay fur-free.


Cats shed hair more than dogs, and dealing with their fur can be a nuisance. Your cat might look clean, but it is not only the fur that can be trouble. If your cat roams outside in the garden or rubs itself against the sofa, the surfaces will start appearing grungy. Groom your cat by brushing their fur to get the loose hair out of the fur, and keep them clean. Doing so will reduce the fur shedding.


Do you happen to be a cat owner? You will need the vacuum cleaner more than anything else. Your cat’s fur can be sticky, and every surface appears to be a magnet for it. You cannot spend all your day handpicking every strand of fur you come across. The vacuum is the best way to pick the cat hair and keep it contained than any other method. If you haven’t bought any vacuum cleaner, it is time that you should have one. With a vacuum cleaner, you can clean your rugs and sofas quickly while keeping all the fur and dander in the cleaner’s dust bag.


Another challenge to keeping your house clean and well scented is to fight the litter odor of a cat. No matter how much you try, the odor stays, and it makes you irritable. Look for a deodorizer that can keep your house fresh and scented. Many deodorizers can suppress the odor and neutralizes its effect. Deodorizers are easy to find. You can buy your favorite scent to feel fresh and relax because our house’s air has a significant impact on our moods. If you face the litter odor all the time, you will feel groggy and grumpy out of irritation.


As much as cats are clean freaks, they can still make your house look dirty. If your cat has overeaten their food, then they might vomit irrespective of the place. Or if you have forgotten to change their litter or have no space left, they might pee on your favorite rug. Leaving these accidents to dry will not only make them stink more, and it will make the cleaning difficult. Instead of waiting for them to dry, react quickly to such an accident and use baking soda or vinegar to cut off the smell.


Pets are part of our lives, and we cannot abandon them just because they make our house dirty. When we choose to have a pet, we also sign up for the consequences of cleanliness issues. These issues are not complicated, and with few hacks, you can keep your home neat and tidy. Changing the litter every week, grooming your cat, and vacuuming the fur can serve a greater purpose in the tidiness of your home. Having the right cleaning tools is also essential as it does the job accurately and leaves little mess behind. If you do not have the cat grooming comb, grooming with a different comb may hurt your cat and won’t take off the loose fur from their coat.


  1. Dawn Mielke says:

    I don’t agree that cats shed more than dogs. It depends on the breed and genetics. I have one cat that leaves very little hair anywhere but the other leaves tuffs of hair all over. When we had a dog, He left more hair and slobber all over. But this article gives good guidelines.

  2. word wipe says:

    I disagree that cats slough off more than dogs do. The breed and genetics will determine this. One of my cats doesn’t shed much at all, but the other sheds tons of hair everywhere. More hair and goo were everywhere when we had a dog. But this post offers helpful suggestions.

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