Six Immediate Print Products That Can Assist The Fight Against Coronavirus

It is quite natural to wonder what’s the link between printing industry and coronavirus. Like all other industries, it too experienced the wrath of COVID-19 but, it also is making some amazing contributions that are true of great help in fighting coronavirus. Let’s see how?

The COVID-19 effect on the printing industry

None of us thought that the entire 2020 would be so dreadful. Businesses shattered, the economy crashed, life is doomed, and what not? It seems like the new normal is going to be our lives from now onwards.

Since in order to curb the spread of the deadly virus, lockdowns and restrictions were imposed all over the globe, the sale of only essentials was allowed which caused a tremendous loss to non-essential industries among which is the print. But, during the period of lockdown, many inventions and innovations took place to support the fight against COVID-19. Like, the automatic sanitizer dispenser, ventilator with splitters, and the most creative one – printed masks.

How is the print industry contributing to fight COVID-19?

The use of print is countless, and we need printed products in our day-to-day life. Although printed products were in demand pre-COVID; today, with the coronavirus still haunting us, masks, signages, posters, all of these are necessary, and print has a great role to play in all of these. Therefore, to lighten the effect of the depressing and turbulent times that we are facing today, the print industry decided to add some creativity into the products in response to COVID-19 which we are going to discuss below.

Six products revolutionised by the print industry to fight COVID-19 positively.


1.      Face masks

We all know one of the most effective ways to fight COVID-19 is to wear masks. A variety of masks are now available from plain cloth to triple filtered ones. Wearing them all day long has not only become painful but boring too as now we have no other option but to live using them.

Therefore, the print industry came with a creative solution to it and now printed masks are all over the world. From design, colour, text, to material everything can be customized today due to innovative printshop software. Even personalization is possible today where you can get your face, company logo or a message printed on face masks which is making them wearable and appealing for people.

2. PPE kits

Another important safety gear which usually comes in blue or white colour can now be made interesting using HTML5 designer tool. With the help of web-to-print software, customization of PPE kit in terms of size, text etc, is easily possible to make it suitable to wear while fighting coronavirus.

3. Face shield

Due to rising coronavirus cases, healthcare workers are running out of protective gears, and one among them is face shield which is printed, produced and distributed on a massive scale in response to COVID-19.

4. Advisory posters


Despite the severity of COVID-19, some are still careless and causing the spread of the virus more. Thus, to make them understand, the print industry has a role to play as now advisory COVID-19 posters are in huge demand in both residential to commercial areas. The posters can be customized and personalised with the help of W2P design tool and made eye-catchy with text, colours and images for people to understand.

5. Social distancing markers & floor graphics

Another COVID-19 containment effort is social distancing which today is highly violated by people resulting in the rise of cases. To avoid that, many started making use of social distancing markers and floor graphics asking people to stand 6 feet apart so that social distancing is practised. Thanks to the online sticker design tool software, social distancing stickers can now be customized in terms of material, text, colours, shape etc. to keep everyone at a proper distance without asking them every time to do so especially at public places.

6. Signage for operating hours

The pandemic has tossed the entire functioning of businesses. The operating hours of business are no longer upon the company itself as it is the government who now decides due to COVID-19. Lockdowns, restrictions, night curfews, anything happens anytime and therefore in order to keep customers informed, many business owners found signages of operating hours very much useful during the pandemic which can be customized as one desires using sign design software. In short, printed signages are the best tool of communication today for retailers to communicate with their customers while maintaining social distancing.

Wrapping up

The positive of COVID-19 has undoubtedly spread too much negativity around the world but, giving up is not an option hence; we humans, are finding ways to fight it and survive. Like every other industry, print too; is contributing in its way with the above-mentioned products designed using printshop software to curb the spread of the deadly virus as much and soon as possible.

Abhishek Agarwal

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