Simplifying Your Wardrobe: Fashion Stylist Salem Moussallam With Some Helpful Advice

You’re stuck at home because of COVID and you figure there’s no time like the present to complete some projects you’ve been meaning to get to around the house.

One of those projects: organizing your closet. You’re tired of rummaging through to find a pair of shoes. Or, maybe your massive pile of sweaters that seems to fall on top of you everytime you open the door is literally from the ‘90s.

Whatever the situation, you know it’s time to get rid of some items, organize, and move on.

There are numerous ways to simplify your closet, and more specifically, your wardrobe itself. The good news is you don’t need to hire Marie Kondo to do it.  Still, it can be hard to figure out where a good starting point is.  One of the best ways to begin, says Toronto fashion stylist Salem Moussallam, is to define your personal style.

“It’s going to be hard to determine what you should keep and what you should donate if you don’t really know what you like wearing,” he says.  “So, first you need to discover or refine your personal style.”

Salem Moussallam, who has styled many notable celebrities, suggests the following ways to simplify your wardrobe.

Buy good quality:

You may have 30 pairs of jeans, but you only wear 5.  Why?  It’s probably because you like the way they fit your body, or even that you feel more comfortable and confident when you wear them.

Perhaps you even have a favorite designer blouse that you wear all of the time.  There’s a theme here.

“When your wardrobe consists of high quality items, they tend to last longer and you tend to wear them more frequently.  Rather than buy clothing just for the sake of buying, pivot your shopping habits to choose higher quality pieces,” says Moussallam.

Abide by the 6 month rule:

It seems like a common habit to only wear a few things from your wardrobe, despite having a sea of clothes to choose from.  If you look deep within your closet and find that you haven’t an item for at least 6 months, donate it.  Not only is it therapeutic to purge unnecessary items from your life, it also clears up space for the clothes that you do wear most frequently.

Keep a wish list:

Now that you have taken inventory and have an organized closet, it may appear like you’re missing some key clothing items.

So, explains Moussallam, “When you think you might need or want an item, write it down.  This way, you keep a running tally of the clothes you actually do need.”  Even if you cannot get the exact item, you can always find something nearly identical elsewhere.

Hire a stylist:

Obviously, not everyone can afford to pay a professional to style their wardrobe for them.  If you can, that’s great, do it!  However, with all of the eCommerce styling subscriptions available today, you can opt to allow someone else to pick out your clothes at an affordable price that fits within your budget.

Keep it simple:

If the thought of supplying your closet with the latest trends in fashion is too overwhelming, keep it simple. Try to choose pieces and colors that match your complexion, for instance, if you look great in green, then buy more green.   If you’re the kind of person who’d like to pare your closet down to clothes in a single color, then choose monochromatic pieces that look great on everybody.

Salem Moussallam: “If you need further inspiration, check out any one of the hundreds of fashion magazines or online publications available.  Here you can get some ideas and then do a simple search online for where to buy the items you found.”

No matter what your motivation is for simplifying your wardrobe, there are so many ways you can complete the task if you just follow the above advice!

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