Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Lake County DUI Attorney

The DUI arrest rates in different parts of Lake County, Illinois, are 0.65 to 3.46 per officer. A DUI arrest can leave a permanent mark on your record. Whether you were driving under the influence or caught driving with high BAC (Blood Alcohol Content), the charges you may face by the justice system can be very severe in the state of Illinois.

You can get your license confiscated or even end up in jail if caught in DUI. Therefore, you have to reach out to a local lake county DUI attorney to help you through the process. If you are not sure how to find the right one, here are some questions you can ask before hiring the attorney.

What is Their Local Courtroom Experience?

The attorney must know their way around the relevant court and procedures in your area. It would be great to find an attorney who has represented many local clients in areas like Buffalo Grove, Highland Park, or Libertyville.

As they will already be well-known among the judges and prosecutors, they may know their tendencies and work with that in mind. DUI attorneys who are familiar with the local scene have a good advantage over others. So find a lake county DUI attorney near you.

What is Their Experience in Handling DUI Cases?

Ask them how long they have been representing DUI cases in Lake County. The number of years they have been in the field is a surefire indicator of their experience. How long and how much trial experience do they have? A majority of DUI cases in Lake County tend to settle with plea bargains instead of going on to trials. Therefore, check if they have exposure handling trials.

What Is Their Practise Area?

Though many lawyers in Lake County take up DUI cases, they don’t exclusively work on it. So you should ask how much of their practise is devoted to DUI laws.

They may also have a good understanding of the plea bargaining options and DUI trial defenses. The quality of the lawyer based on their reputation is something important to look into.  As you can see, being confident about what your DUI lawyer can do for you is of utmost importance.

Who Will Handle The Case?

If you are going to approach a law firm with multiple attorneys, it is essential to ask them who will be representing your case. Sometimes you may feel misled, as the person you initially talk to may not show up in the court; instead, they may send a different attorney.

So, find a reliable lake county DUI attorney or law firm who will follow up and support you throughout the proceeding.

How Much Do They Charge?

The financial aspect is something that you should think about in advance. So you should right away ask the local DUI attorney how much they will be billing you. Ask them about different payment options and on what basis you will be billed.

In addition to the standard rate, are they charging any extra fees for an expert witness or blood sample re-testing? What modes of payment do they accept?

It can be an unsettling experience to face DUI charges in Illinois. Many DUI cases are first-time DUI offenders in Lake County. Only when you know what questions to ask the attorney, you can make the right decision to hire a specialist.

If you or anyone you know is charged with a DUI, contact any local lake county DUI attorney soon to help defend you.


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