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The Perfect Party Needs This Perfect Karaoke Microphone!

I have been searching for a decent microphone for some time – one that does not need to be hooked up to a full size amplifier.  We never know where we will need a microphone – at a party, the campground, the beach, or even an auditorium or gymnasium as an elementary school principal (as my husband is just that)!

This Miracle MIC-M100 MIC is available in black or white – this is the white version.  Have you picked up a new hobby during the quarantine?  What about singing?  Well this microphone is perfect for singing practice; lectures or anytime you need a mobile microphone!

It is even designed to be able to connect two mics together in order to sing a duet.   You no longer need to purchase karaoke music – simply use the Lyric Elimination Mode to lower the recorded singer’s voice so you can use any music you’d like.

For the true karaoke experience you can use the echo feature.  It can also be connected to a smartphone via bluetooth, or any device that uses an AUX cable.

The integrated circuitry channels data to a Digital Signal Processor so your voice can be translated into a crystal clear sound.

Charging is easy and the charge is long lasting.

This is definitely one of the best microphones I have ever tried.  You can feel the quality immediately as soon as you remove it from the case.  The buttons are easy to control and everything is right at the tip of your fingers.

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  • megan allen

    I have to admit..we may not be able to sing but we love karaoke anyway! Our kids have their own machine and we play with it lol!

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