What Should You Do After Getting Injured in a Bicycle Accident?

Accidents are always unexpected. Sometimes you are at fault, while other times, you may suffer for someone else’s carelessness. In either case, you have to suffer injuries as well as losses. Riding a bike is fun, but you are more likely to get injured in bike accidents than driving other vehicles.

You might end up with broken bones, bruises, cuts, or lifetime disabilities. Bike accidents are most common in Australia, as observed in the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report. It stated that one in every five people injured on Australian roads is a bike rider.

Keeping your calm in such a situation is undoubtedly a difficult task. But your brain will work only if you think calmly about what to do next. Below are listed a few things you need to do after a collision.

Seek Legal Advice

Seeking help from a law firm after an accident is a smart decision. With their assistance and advice, you can get compensation for your losses. Reputed legal firms like Law Advice personal injury lawyers are one such option to get legal advice. With your lawyer by your side, you need not run after the insurance companies for your claims. An expert will help you with the documentation as well as other formalities you need to do.

Get Police Assistance

You should call the police first and wait for them to arrive at the accident scene. Even if your injuries feel mild, you should not take them lightly. You might have some serious internal injury that is not visible to you. So, let the federal police come to the scene and file a report. The police report will be useful in getting your claims later. They will also help identify the driver at fault.

Get Driver Contact and Insurance Information

Try to gather the driver’s information such as his/her name, address, license number, phone number, vehicle number, the insurance company, and policy number. At this time, you don’t have to think about whose fault it was or what the damages are. This information will help you when you go for your claim. Similarly, get the contact details about the witnesses, if any. In case you are not in a condition to do all this, ask someone to do it for you.

Seek Medical Help

You need to look for medical help immediately after the police arrive. You should get aid for the small cuts and the bleeding immediately. For further tests and serious injuries, you will have to go to the hospital. Document all your injuries and keep a record of all the medical records with you. It will be proof of your accidents as well as the injuries you suffered. Keeping photos of your injuries is a good idea too.

Any collision is a painful situation, which you would like to forget as soon as possible. No one can compensate for your physical injuries and pain. But with the guidance of experts like Law Advice personal injury lawyers, you can get the most of your claims. Make sure that you don’t engage yourself with the driver or the insurance companies. Your lawyer will take care of everything.

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