Surviving Dry Eye Issues

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I had eye surgery quite a few years ago and ever since then dry eyes have been a continuous issue.  I have tried so many different eye drops and none have provided even a little relief.  My eyes would tear nonstop – in fact in cold weather the tears would stream down my face and I wouldn’t even feel it because it was cold – but it would look like I was bawling.  I recently had shoulder surgery and physical therapy can be a bit painful to say the least but I knew it would be.  Naturally with a mask on due to COVID my physical therapist though the pain was too unbearable for me.  But I wasn’t even crying…

Then I figured out through research that if I add heat to my eyes at least twice a day for ten minutes at a time – my eyes improved vastly.  The heat helps the glands to work more properly.

These are my favorite two ways to heat my eyes daily.  This heated eye mask can be used hot or cold and when heated it provides moist heat relief.  This one I use when I am lying in bed with the television on  for noise.

Another option I have is this eye massager with heat.  This thing is awesome.  It even has bluetooth and is rechargeable.  Sometimes my eyes hurt quite a bit from the dry eyes so a nice massage at the end of the day is amazing.  Lying in bed with my newfoundland beside me massaging my eyes with heat and listening to Frank Sinatra.  What could be better?

There is no need to struggle with dry eyes, tearing eyes or eye pain.  As an added benefit, these provide ultimate relaxation.

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