Choosing the Right Residential Addiction Treatment Program

Residential addiction treatment programs offer patients options that will help them receive the individualized care they regain their health and maintain their sobriety. With the right treatment plan, the patient can transition to an outpatient program and continue to succeed in reaching their sobriety goals. If you are considering treatment, it is important that you find the right program.

Safe Environment

A residential addiction treatment facility provides patients with a safe environment as they begin their journey to sobriety. Patients can rely on staff to assist them as they move through the difficult periods of their recovery. Staff members are medically trained to provide the level of care a patient needs at all times. If a medical emergency should arise, the patient will receive the care they need within seconds.

Round the Clock Support

Round-the-clock staffing ensures that medical personnel is always on hand when needed. In the beginning, recovery can be difficult. As the body begins to learn to live without drugs or alcohol, physical withdrawal symptoms can put the body in crisis. With round-the-clock medical care, the patient gets the treatment they need, as they need it.

Individual and Group Counseling

One of the main benefits of residential addiction treatment is that both individual and group counseling are offered. Individual counseling allows the patient the privacy they want to discuss personal issues, while group counseling allows everyone to share their personal stories and support one another. Patients can make new friends who have similar goals to them, who may even replace old friends who are still using addictive substances.

Dual Diagnosis

Another benefit of a residential addiction treatment center is the help it can provide to individuals who have a dual diagnosis. Having a mental illness on top of the drug addiction can make it difficult to stay on track. By treating both the mental illness as well as the addiction, the patient receives the care they need to stay on their recovery journey. Once both issues have been addressed, the patient is able to transition to an outpatient treatment program.

Residential addiction treatment facilities offer patients the care they need during a very difficult time. Finding the right center for each patient means researching different facilities to find out what they offer and if it is in-line with the patient’s goals. Choosing the right one will help to lay the foundation for a successful recovery journey they can be proud of.

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