RoomyRoc Silicone Oven Mitts

Oven mitts have come such a long way.  When I was a kid the best I had were the oven pads that I would make on my weaving loom.  They worked but not nearly as well as products that are available nowadays.  I love how well they work and how safe my hands feel inside them.  I have been burned far too many times and if it never happens again I won’t be broken hearted.

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These silicone mitts are unique in that they have an adjustable velcro closure insuring that they don’t fall off unexpectedly.  The velcro and the angled edge also allows them to fit various arm sizes.  A texture has been added to the silicone in order to help with gripping.

Soon it will be Spring and we will be breaking the grill out again.  These are perfect for protecting against the heat, flames, steam and they are BPA free food grade silicone.  The lining is a comfortable cotton quilted lining and they are heat resistant up to 500°F.   One of my favorite features is the hanging loop so I can keep them hung by the stove and easily accessible whenever I need them.

Available on Amazon 

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