Rotary Cutter Supplies Set

I used to sew all the time.  When my youngest daughter was growing up I was always making something like a dress, pajamas,  hats etc… But then she got older and she wasn’t interested in wearing hand sewn clothes anymore and the sewing machine(s) went into storage – for years.

Then along came COVID 19 and everyone was breaking out their sewing machines again.  Companies couldn’t produce masks fast enough so every citizen who knew how to sew seemed to spring into action, myself included.

The most I used a cutting mat and rotary cutter for in the last ten years was to cut coupons – works great by the way!  But now I had to dig everything out and get down to business.

The mat and rotary cutter I had were at least ten years old so I needed a new set that could stand up to the constant use and LEEFENGQI had just what I needed.  This set has a rotary cutter with 45mm blades, a quilting ruler and 20 sewing clips.

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The rotary cutter blades are made of SKS7 steel material and they are very sharp. Very little pressure needed when cutting fabric and to retract the blade you simply press the black button.   The cutting mat is made from self healing PVC and is 11.7 x 16.53 and 3mm thick.  It also is ruled for measuring with inches on one side and centimeters on the other.  Additionally there is an acrylic quilting ruler which is perfect for spacing of multiple objects.  The last item(s) are the 20 piece tight sewing clips that are very strong and allow you to keep your quilting from slipping.

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