5 Ways to Keep Motivated When You’re Working Out from Home

Do you sometimes struggle to get in the flow with your exercise routine at home? It’s even more important to feel as though we can “crush it” during a workout when stuck in the house. If you would like some tips for motivation’s sake, read on.

  1. Create a welcoming workout space with feel-good lighting, motivational photos, and quotes, and keep a few key pieces of gear or equipment close by. You can put up a room divider or keep it confined to a room where there won’t be any distractions for at least a little while.
  2. Act like you’ll be going to class. Put on your sneakers and act as though you’re with a group, meeting with a friend, or working out with a personal trainer. It will give you some accountability, and you’re likely to hold yourself to higher expectations this way.
  3. On this same note, you can keep yourself accountable and help others with their motivation and goals by having virtual workouts with your family members and friends. It can be a Zoom call or some other form of video chat. Pick an online workout video or class to join at the same time so that you have some structure to the workout and can feel like you’re in the same place! Afterward, it can be helpful to talk about how you feel and any personal goals you’ve reached as well as complement each other.
  4. Sign up for an online program that you know you’ll enjoy. It should not be too challenging but is also results-driven. You might look up reviews to see how other people have done with this program if you tend to be doubtful about things you don’t have experience with or haven’t heard much about. You’ll be feeling good physically and mentally when you have a workout regimen that’s the right fit.
  5. Talk to the people who you live with when you decide to start a home fitness routine. Make sure they’re fully aware that you want to have set times that will be devoted to this. Hopefully, your kids, partner, and friends can give you the space you need to do your thing. You can let them know to write things down if they think of something they need help with or want to talk about at a later time. Also, place your phone on the “Do Not Disturb” setting – trust me on that one.

You may be counting the days since you’ve last been to Gyms in Florence, but if you have a solid at-home exercise routine you’ll see some great results. Be sure to connect with a personal trainer who offers online assistance if you’re struggling to stay motivated or meet your goals.

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