How Do You Know Which Online Casino Games Are Trustworthy?

Playing casino games is something that many of us love, but how can you be sure that you have a genuine chance of winning?

By being aware of the following steps, you can make sure that you only ever play games that are completely fair and trustworthy.

Use Regulated, Licensed Sites

To get a reliable gaming experience, you need to know what sites are regulated where you live. These are the casinos that have been given a license to operate in your region, so they are the only sites that you can safely use.

These sites will follow all of the appropriate legislation and will have things like good customer service and some of the same reliable payments methods you probably already use. So, you can start playing without any doubts about your safety or the fairness.

Authorized casinos will only use big-name games providers like NetEnt, IGT, and Big Time Games. Take a look at the latest slots releases from companies like these to find professionally-developed slots like Bonanza, Raging Rhino, and Fortune Coin that you can play with no fear.

You can also try the Da Vinci Diamond Slots in TwinSpires Edge online casino.

Look for the RNG

The next point is around the random aspect of these games at real casino online malaysia. When you hit the button to play slots on your mobile or a table game, you want to know that there is no chance of the outcome being rigged. This is where the random number generator (RNG) comes in.

This isn’t something you can see or check. It is a set of complex algorithms buried in the games that ensure that they give completely random results every single time. No one knows what will happen on each new game.

If you play a game from a top developer on a regulated casino, you can be sure that an RNG is working away in the background.  Check the site’s FAQs or terms & conditions if you want to read more about the details.

Check the RTP

The return to player (RTP) of a casino game gives you an idea of how likely you are to win more than you wager. It is shown as a percentage, with the higher the number the more it is likely to return to you. A 100% RTP would, in theory, pay out the same amount you put into it.

Yet, what we need to remember here is that the RTP is based on thousands or millions of spins or games. This means that it is an overall number for all of their players. If hundreds of people play a lot with a 95% RTP, the total paid out should be 95% of all of their stakes, or close to it.

If you play with $100, you might get back $95. But it could easily be more or less than this. The more you play, the closer it should eventually get to the stated RTP.

See How They Are Tested

Each new casino game has to be thoroughly tested, to makes sure that it performs exactly as expected. This is where they can see that the RNG gives the completely random results expected, and that the RTP is at the expected level.

Again, if you choose a reputable, licensed casino you can be sure that the games on it have all been properly tested. This is done by independent testing companies, as well as by the regulators. Not all casinos mention the name of their testers, but some of the biggest names include eCOGRA, iTech Labs and Gaming Laboratories International.

Try the Demo Option

Once you choose a site to play on, you will see a list of their games. You may then have the chance to either play for real money or else try the demo option. The latter approach lets you see how the game works and how often wins come along.


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