5 Tips to Save Money With Ridesharing Apps

The world of ridesharing is expanding rapidly. Whenever you need a ride, you can pull out your smartphone, access the ridesharing app, and hire a driver. There are many ridesharing companies, and one of the most prominent is Uber. Ridesharing offers a transportation solution, and it can help you arrange a one-way ride on short notice.

Compared to getting a taxi, ridesharing is cheaper. Ridesharing apps are convenient and have much more benefits than taxis. So next time you need a ride, get your smartphone and access your ridesharing app. Here are five ways you can save money with ridesharing apps.

Share the Ride

Sharing your ride with other commuters can help you save money. The ridesharing apps will allow you to share the ride to make the fare cheaper. It is a safe means to ensure that you spend less. With Uber, you can use UberPOOL.

UberPOOL allows you to get a ride which you can share with other commuters using the same route. The good thing is that you do not necessarily need to know each other when you get partnered through the app.

Sign Up for Multiple Ridesharing Apps

To use a ridesharing cab, you need a ridesharing app. Many apps are present today, and they provide the same services, meaning that there is stiff competition. The ridesharing companies will always seek to outdo each other in the market.

If you download multiple apps, you will see how much money you can save. Any time you want a ride, you can compare the prices across the different ridesharing apps before you can pick a cab. There is always an estimate of the cost on the app before you can select a taxi. You will see the varying prices and be able to save a lot.

Lookout for Free Rides and Offers

The stiff competition among the ridesharing apps always makes them try to outsmart one another and win more customers. As a result, they give offers in the form of free rides and discount vouchers. One way to get an offer is through referring other people.

When the person you referred signs up, you get a free ride or a considerable discount on your next ride. The good thing is that most of the apps will also give a free ride to the person you referred.  You can always check your ridesharing account and send a referral link to friends and family. You only need to be careful just not to overshare.

Walk Away from Surge or Prime Time Pricing

When it is too busy, for instance, after a concert, the rates will be slightly high. You can walk away for some distance before ordering a cab through your ridesharing app. By walking away from everyone, you get out of the surge or prime time pricing.

Do not Go for Luxury

The best thing to realize is that the rides on the ridesharing apps are not equal. They have luxurious vehicles that will charge you more and basic rides that are pocket-friendly. You can always go for pocket-friendly rides like Uber Pool.


The strategies above can help you save money when using a ridesharing app. Because many people use Uber as one of the most popular ridesharing apps, drivers need to have insurance for Uber. It will help cover all the risks associated with using Uber.

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