Choosing the Right Coffee: Types of Coffee Roasting

It isn’t easy to find a person who would not like coffee. This great hot drink is the best choice to invigorate. Many people buy beans in stores but do not even know about such an important parameter as roasting. Understanding the different roast levels can significantly enhance your coffee experience. To ensure you get the best quality and freshness, consider purchasing from dedicated coffee bean suppliers, who can provide detailed information about the roasting process and offer a variety of options to suit your taste preferences. This is a key aspect that greatly influences the taste, color, and aroma of the drink you will experience. So how do you choose the right option? Here are the types of coffee roasting you should know about.

Light Roast

It is the lightest type of roast and is suitable for those who find it difficult to drink strong coffee. Cinnamon Roast is the first level. The beans are briefly roasted at 385 °F. Thanks to this, you will be able to experience a slight sweetness and high herbal shades. Another strong flavor pattern is intense acidity. Start with this option if you are just planning to learn what’s what.

The New England Roast is another light variation. The key difference is the bright brown color of the beans. The roasting temperature usually reaches 401 °F. It reveals the flavor of the beans. That is why you should pick good Costa Rica coffee brands. The beans grown in this country have citrus notes and chocolate tones. Such a light roast will give a more complex acidity.

Medium Roast

American Roast is the most popular type of beans in the United States. The main reason is that the roasting process takes place at a temperature of 410 °F. It preserves the drink’s rich flavor and aromatic patterns but allows the acidity to be slightly muted. As a result, the coffee has a more neutral consistency.

This hot drink can be prepared in a cezve if you want to immerse yourself in this ancient ritual fully. But it’s better if you read the budget coffee makers review first and choose a reliable kitchen device. Then you don’t have to spend a lot of time on routine actions.

City Roast is a typical variant found in most stores around the world. The coffee is roasted at 426 °F. to medium brown colors. Thanks to this, the taste remains strong, and the origin characteristics are not muted. Most beginners can choose this type of roast, as it allows you to understand the clear difference between beans from Africa, South America, India, or the Middle East.

Dark Roast

The third category includes four roast levels. The easiest option is Full City Roast. Here are some details. The beans are roasted at 437° F until a double crack appears. As a rule, this option allows you to reveal the drink’s taste and feel a richer mix aftertaste. If you are a fan of bitter coffee, then you should try Vienna Roast. The beans are dark brown. The 446°F temperature darkens the original taste slightly but adds medium bitterness and a long aftertaste.

We are approaching the finish line. The penultimate type is called French Roast. The beans are placed in containers at 464° F. Thanks to this, the future drink will receive caramel notes with low acidity but less pronounced flavor. The scent will be slightly hidden or even muted. Italian roast is the strongest and darkest variation. You won’t taste acidity or sweetness. This is the best option for fans of burnt tones and heavy aftertaste. The strength of the future drink is achieved by roasting the beans at a temperature of 473 °F.

Find a Good Coffee Grinder

Whichever type of roast you choose, you should consider buying a coffee grinder. The fact is that you will feel all the flavor notes and overtones only if you grind the beans into a powder. It is very important. The well-grinded structure most fully reveals the aroma and helps to evaluate the sweetness, acidity, or strength of a hot drink. Without this, you will not be able to enjoy your coffee.

The main point of roasting is to allow you to choose between three main taste groups. Here are the general differences that you should look out for. All light roast options are aimed at so that you can experience the strong acidity and all the features of the beans without the sweetness or burnt taste. The middle type is the standard of the coffee industry, where the acidity is not very pronounced, but there is a slight bitterness and spice. A dark roast is the best option for hardcore coffee lovers. For them, the main goal is strong bitterness, oily, and darkened original taste.

Final Words

Now you will not be embarrassed when you see long rows of coffee packages. It is best if you try each option and appreciate the flavor palette. Then you will know if you want an original taste or a bitterness with a caramelized aftertaste. But no one will judge you if you choose medium roast. This option is universal and will not make you wonder if it tastes too sour or bitter.


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