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4 Ways To Keep Seafood Safe To Eat

For The Love Of Seafood

We all love eating seafood since it tastes delicious and is also beneficial for our health. To ensure that you enjoy eating seafood, one must store the seafood such that it is safe to consume. You must buy the freshest seafood from Fish Me Online Seafood Shop. The seafood that is left can be stored and be consumed later. To avoid the draining of nutrients and its delicious taste, you must follow the below-stated ways to keep your seafood safe to eat.

  1. Freezing:

After your seafood has been delivered, you should not leave it open. Make sure that you keep the packet in the refrigerator at colder temperatures. It is suggested not to store seafood for a long time and rather prefer eating fresh seafood. Once the seafood is left open for a long time, bacteria and other pathogens make it unhealthy to consume. But when they are refrigerated, this process becomes very slow making them healthy to consume for a long time. The period for which a particular kind of seafood can be stored varies. Therefore, make sure that you know the same if you refrigerate seafood for several days.

  1. Defrosting:

Never start to cook the seafood as soon as you take it out of the refrigerator. Since the seafood is at extremely low temperatures, you need to bring it back at room temperature to make it ready to cook and consume. While doing so, never put the packet of seafood into a bowl of warm water. The bacterias on the surface of that seafood will start growing if you do so. The best practice is to take the seafood out of the refrigerator an hour before you want to cook it. If you forgot to do so, place the packet under running water for a minute.

  1. Storage Containers:

To keep your seafood safe, you should keep them in clean and washed containers. The material of that container must be plastic or glass. One must avoid keeping seafood in a metal container. Make sure that you maintain a low temperature in your refrigerator to avoid spoilage of seafood. You should not combine and store raw seafood and the one that is already being cooked. Moreover, only store the seafood that cooked using some of the other kind of sauce.

  1. Use Moisture-Proof Bags:

If the seafood you are storing is not consumed in the next 2-3 days, you must refrigerate it in moisture-proof bags. This will ensure that the seafood, especially fish does not get dry and loses its quality. The moisture content at a certain level is essential to retain the nutritional value of the seafood. Try keeping this moisture-proof bag above the ice. This will make it cooler and thus safe to consume. The seafood should only be put back in a moisture-poof bag when its temperature is less than 80-90 degrees F. You can also use other moisture-proof containers that are not insulated and do provide a cooling effect on the inner surface.

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