5 Sunglass Styles to Wear on a Date

Sunglasses Tips For The Best Date

With COVID-19 ongoing and summer just around the corner, outdoor dates are ideal. But, to make an authentic style statement, choose the right pair of prescription sunglasses. Whether you’re going out with someone new, bravely taking on a blind date, or getting out with your partner, sunglasses polish your look.

Your frames communicate how you feel and let the date know a bit of you. A new pair of shades can boost your confidence before a big day out, so splurge a little. There are several popular options to choose from.

  1. Cat Eye

The vintage cat-eye frame is a bold fashion statement. It says you have confidence and a definite sense of style. These are not simple frames, but they can liven up an otherwise basic outfit. Let your date know you love all things retro and aren’t afraid to step outside the box a little.

One of the great things about cat-eye glasses is that they suit a wide range of face shapes. Anyone can pull them off, but it’s important to match these frames to your outfit. Choose something simple, like a skirt and white t-shirt, to set off the unique glasses. Avoid anything too retro, or you risk looking like you’re wearing a 1950s costume.

  1. Round

Round frames are on-trend for summer 2021. Like cat-eye frames, they have a retro vibe—think 1970s bohemian. A round frame works with most face shapes; however, avoid those that are very large. They can make you look too bug-like. Pair round glasses with a casual date, like a picnic or walk in the park, or even a concert.

With round glasses, you can pull off a bohemian, hippie style. Wear them with a long flowing skirt or a peasant blouse. Many round frames also come with colored lenses: Match rose-tinted shades or blue glasses with your outfit. Pay attention to your skin tone to avoid looking washed out.

  1. Tortoise Shell

Tortoiseshell frames never go out of style. They’re classic and go with just about anything. You can find round tortoiseshell frames, cat eye, wayfarer, and other shapes that best fit your face. The plastic material makes them durable, light, and comfortable.

The tortoiseshell sunglasses pattern looks best with a neutral outfit. Pair your new frames with a white summery dress for a park date or a little black dress for an outdoor cocktail hour. You can also pair them with jean shorts and a lightweight shirt for a more relaxed feel.

Check out Tom Ford sunglasses for a wide range of tortoiseshell options. The collection includes the Philippa, a large, roundish frame great for angular, long faces. You’ll also find frames with a square shape that suit round faces.

  1. Aviator

Another classic that is hard to do wrong is the aviator. Initially designed for pilots to reduce glare and protect the eyes, these frames became legendary as fashion statements. They communicate coolness and sex appeal, both on men and women. Choose aviators to boost your confidence for a date.

Most people are suited for the aviator style but be sure to choose the right size. Standard aviator frames are large and can overwhelm a small face. You may also want to avoid mirrored lenses, common in aviator frames. Finally, you don’t want to seem cold to your date because you can’t make eye contact.

  1. Gradient

For practicality and to make eye contact on a date, look for sunglass lenses with a gradient. Gradient lenses are two-toned. They are darker at the top and gradually lighten toward the bottom of the lens.

A gradient is practical because it allows you to transition more easily from outdoors to inside without fumbling with a second pair of frames. Choose gradient glasses for a date that may take you both indoors and outdoors. For instance, if you’re going to a gallery and then outside for patio cocktails, gradient sunglasses transition to each environment.

With gradient glasses, you’re also making an interesting style statement. The ombre look of the lenses is trendy and cool. They’re bold and offer a helpful conversation starter for a first date. Pair this type of lens with any frame that suits your face, mood, and outfit.

Sunglasses Make the Date

Of course, you want to make a good impression, especially on a first date. How you dress and the way you look says a lot about you. Communicate your style, personality, and tone by choosing the right pair of sunglasses and frames for your date.


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