Fun Ways To Lose Weight As A Mom

It may seem like an oxymoron, but there are fun ways to lose weight!  Gone are the days of resorting to jogging and more jogging to lose weight. Instead, let’s dive into some great ways we can have fun AND lose weight.

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Types Of Fun Workouts

Personally, if I had to resort to jogging or walking on a treadmill, I would go crazy! However, having kids is great because if you want to get some exercise, you join in on their fun.  The kids are having a blast, and you are working out.  What could be better?

Bike Trails

If all of your children are old enough, going for a bike ride on a bike trail is so much fun.  We have ridden together on paved bike trails, gravel, and even grass.  We have fun, plenty of exercise and get to enjoy nature’s beauty such as wildlife, rivers, cliffs, waterfalls and so much more.

A simple Google search will allow you to find all bike trails within your area.  Change it up and try several different courses.  If you have a young child, there are attachments for bikes to trail behind you, believing they are helping to ride.

Hula Hoop

Hula Hooping is one of my all-time favorite activities.  Not only are hula hoops fun to swing around your waist, but they are even more fun once you build skills and can do tricks! Don’t waste your time with the Dollar Store hula hoops. Instead, use a real hoop that has a little weight to it.  The weight makes the hoop easier to use.  We make our hula hoops to make the exact size we are looking for based on who will be using the hoop and their skill level.

Hula hoops are very easy to make and take about ten minutes. After that, you can decorate them, and if you do, that is the most time-consuming of the whole process. So check out this tutorial to make hula hoops.


Years ago, mini-trampolines were more for children than for adults.  Now you can purchase a mini-trampoline that can handle aggressive physical activity as well as substantial weight.  Some have a rail to hold onto for safety, while others do not.

Although the mini-trampolines of today are designed for more than children, they can also use the trampoline.  After all, if mom uses the trampoline, they will want to get in on the action.

Punching Bag

A weighted punching bag teaches so much to children, and you can burn so many calories punching and kicking the bag. In addition, there are plenty of Youtube videos available to learn some practice moves.

Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is always a favorite for everyone in the family and an excellent workout for mom.  We change it up often so no one, including me, ever gets bored with the routine.  Obstacle courses are more fun than ever due to American Ninja Warrior and similar shows.

To make an obstacle course, all you need is some imagination and anything you have around.  We have incorporated sticks, planting pots, pool noodles, rocks, and more into our courses.


A workout does not need to be something you dread. On the contrary, it can be something you look forward to, and so do the kids.

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