Reasons To Consider Before Pursuing A Career In Engineering

As society develops and technology evolves, the demand for skilled engineers will increase. No doubt, engineers are the most well-paid and in-demand professionals in the world. Gone are the days when engineers worked in laboratories, alienated from the world. The 21st Century engineer is at the forefront, providing innovative solutions to complex issues. They are working in several sectors to prevent pollution, create new technology and develop medicines.

There are several reasons to enter the field, but here are our top 10 reasons to get into engineering.

  • A field for creative people: Have you ever wanted to build amazing things like flying cars and spaceships? Do you want to create workable solutions to sophisticated issues? If you answered yes to these questions, engineering is the field for you. Engineering is not just about math or physics. Engineers get paid to innovate every day and provide solutions for some of the most pressing issues. They have to tackle several projects with their creativity. They are curious about how things work and are passionate about solving real-world problems. Most engineers spend their lives trying to master a field and become experts in their niche. Who knows, you might even become the next Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Infinite Possibilities: There are six branches of engineering with hundreds of subcategories. You can choose whatever you want to do. The only prerequisite is that you must have a fundamental knowledge of science and math. Car lovers can opt for automotive engineering, while AI fans can go for automation. You may also work in different organizations and positions. For example, engineers with a masters in civil engineering online programs build infrastructure. Comparatively, biomedical engineers design machines to advance healthcare. So, there is something for everyone.
  • You don’t have to have a college degree, but it helps if you do: Some of the most brilliant software engineers do not have degrees. For example, Mark Zuckerberg was in Harvard when he established Facebook. He dropped out to focus on his company. But, these examples are few and far between. Unless you are a coding prodigy, a college education can hone your skills and make you a better engineer. An engineering degree will help you acquire logical thinking and decision-making skills valuable in the professional world.
  • Great opportunities: An engineering degree will get you excellent benefits as they work around the world. So you can apply anywhere you want and travel as much as your heart desires. Furthermore, most companies in the 21st Century have global offices in several countries. Engineers can apply for positions within their company in other branches.
  • High paying: Engineering is a lucrative career. In some countries, engineers earn even more than doctors and medical professionals. According to BLS, the median salary is $91,010 per annum. Experienced engineers may earn more than $150,000 depending on their position. For example, top engineering executives can make up to $ 341,554 per annum in America. But, if you want to become mega-rich, you have to advance in your career. Get an advanced degree and work in the most lucrative sectors.
  • Always in-demand: According to BLS, there will be 140,000 new engineering jobs by 2026. As the world becomes digital, the demand for engineers will increase. The engineering sector will grow in the next few years. Even entry-level engineers have several opportunities, and they get comfortable salaries. Engineers can also transition to management and training roles because their skills are valuable across all fields.
  • Meet people: As most engineers will tell you, their work is primarily a team effort. Most people work in groups with people from diverse backgrounds. Did you know? Some of the most brilliant minds in the world were engineers. For example, one of the most beloved comedians, Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean), is an electrical engineer from The Queen’s College, Oxford. You will also build a network with future world leaders and politicians. And no matter what anyone says, it always pays to know the movers and shakers of the world.
  • Hands-on experience: Almost all engineering professionals have to work in the field. So, you will not have to sit in your office and while away your time doing mundane work. You can make new stuff and do hands-on demonstrations. Even engineering students have to work on several projects before completing their programs. So, if you want to design things in real life, engineering is the correct choice for you.
  • Engineers impact the world: Not everyone can say that their jobs make a difference. Fortunately, engineers are not one of them. Engineering professionals help others improve their lives by designing better things. For example, British engineers stepped up during the pandemic by developing field ventilators to treat COVID-19 patients. Their low-cost ventilators helped many patients in developing countries survive the virus. So, your work will have a significant impact on the lives of others.
  • Engineers are excellent problem solvers: Engineers have to think themselves out of difficult situations all the time. So they have the skills and confidence to face any issues in their lives. They can consider the issues from all angles and do not get overwhelmed. They always keep their cool in crises. With an engineering degree, you will become a better person and an excellent leader.


Thinking about your future is an overwhelming prospect. It is better to think about all the pros and cons before making your final decision. Engineering is an excellent field for future leaders who want to make a difference. It is also a growing sector with excellent job prospects.

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