3 Tips to Host an Outdoor Party

We’ll be ready to welcome the warm summer months and say goodbye to cloudy days in a few weeks. Times like this are the best for getting your friends and family together for an outdoor party. However, there’s no denying that planning a party of any kind can be exhausting, especially if you’ll be hosting it in your home. All the same, we can all agree that the stress is worth the joy that such gatherings bring in many cases. With that in mind, here are three tips for hosting an outdoor party.

1. Pick a fun and exciting theme.

3 Tips to Host an Outdoor Party

Before you begin planning your decor, food, and even the venue, the first thing you should pick out is the theme of your party. Without a theme, designing your decor, food, and drink menu will be a hassle, which is not something you want. Remember, you want your outdoor party planning to be as easy as possible. A theme puts your party plans into perspective, as it unites every aspect of the party—food, venue, decor, and music. In other words, think of it as a guiding star for your party. For instance, if you want it to be a 70s themed party, this will mean lots of color in your decor, disco music, big hair, and false lashes.

When it comes to eyelash extensions, mink lashes are your best option if you want extra comfort when using lashes for a party. However, if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you may not like the idea of using real mink lashes. You can always get faux mink lashes from a conscious beauty service. Magnetic lash extensions are easy to wear, and you don’t require complex lash tools. A simple primer and eyeliner close to your natural lash line may also be enough to give you your desired look and meet the requirement of whatever theme you choose to make your outdoor party.

Furthermore, remember that not all themes will be ideal for an outdoor party. So, be sure to check what you can and can’t do. For instance, a murder mystery-themed party is better indoors than outside, while a dog-themed party is better outdoors than inside.

So, when sending your invitations, make sure you include informative details that’ll let your guests know what to expect. For example, suppose you decide to go with a dog-themed party. In that case, your invitation should consist of things like the dog park location and if you want each dog to have a reflective dog collar or dog tag with their personal information on them for easy identification.

Additionally, one way to make your theme party a memorable one is to add themed party favors. In the case of the dog-themed party, your party favor can be a personalized dog collar for every puppy at the park. To make this easy, you can ask your guests to put down their furry friend’s name as they RSVP. You can search online for a company that makes the best custom dog collar of different types and functions. Whether it’s a small collar or a martingale collar, nylon collar, leather collar, or waterproof dog collar, you should get a durable collar with adjustment size options for the leash attachment. This will make giving your party favor to dog owners easy.

2. Decorate your venue.

3 Tips to Host an Outdoor Party

Except if you’re planning an annual company picnic, you’ll want to buy theme-appropriate decorations. For instance, you can shop for commercial holiday decorations from a commercial holiday decor store during the Christmas holiday season. The typical Christmas decoration should include candles, candy canes, holiday lights, and of course, a Christmas tree and garland.

Also, when decorating your venue, try to take note of all the activities that’ll take place at the party. You don’t want to over-decorate to a point where you deprive people of the space to have fun. Remember, activities are just as important as decorations and any other parts of the party plan.

You’ll need an activity that brings everyone together and is suitable for the age group present. If you’re planning a summer bash, a good example is a water slide. This is a fun way to keep people entertained. What’s more, it’s very easy to set up. Simply make a reservation with either a water dunk tank rental or a water slide rental company with great customer service to avoid unnecessary hiccups during the party.

Another thing you should keep in mind when planning an outdoor party is that the weather could change and ruin your party. Of course, you can always check the weather forecast before fixing a date and planning your event. However, to be on the safer side, have a ‘plan B’ or a backup plan in case it rains. This way, you can quickly relocate your party without having to cancel it altogether.

3. Keep your guests comfortable.

3 Tips to Host an Outdoor Party

Without proper planning, people can easily get uncomfortable at outdoor parties. Therefore, be sure to double-check all the amenities. This includes the seating, table lighting, hand wipes, sanitizer, light blankets, bug spray, and most importantly, bathroom facilities.

Also, keep them entertained with food, sodas, and drinking water. Ensure that you plan your menu at least a week before the party. This will give you ample time to purchase all the required groceries. A more formal party might require a longer planning time—a month or more. So, consider this to avoid disappointment. Alternatively, you can ask your guests to bring different dishes, thereby making it a potluck party. This is great if you’re inviting people from different backgrounds. It gives room for cultural exchange and generates food conversations.

In addition to food, you can create a signature cocktail and name it something that rhymes with your party theme. For instance, a sea party can have a rum-based cocktail, while a summer party calls for gin and tonic-based cocktails. Be sure to prepare many different cocktails, which you can make in large batches ahead of the party. This will simplify your hosting duties.

Lastly, don’t forget to make your drinks accommodating by creating cocktails and mocktails for people who don’t drink alcohol at the party.

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