Father’s Day – The Wanderer Creamy Shave Soap

The Wanderer Creamy Shave Soap

Several years ago, my husband switched over from disposable razors to real razors and shave soap.  He fell in love with how his skin feels after using shave soap rather than shaving cream. Having grown up with his grandfather and father using shave soap, he was intrigued with the possibilities and switched over.

Shave Soap

This Wanderer Shave Soap is amazing with its cracked pepper and mandarin scent.  It is a creamy shave soap infused with aloe, radish root, and myrrh to deliver a clean, close shave.

Shave soap

Not your typical shave soap- softer, creamier, and richer for improved razor glide and superior moisturizing properties. Use with a shave brush and bowl, or lather a small amount in the palm of your hand.

Creamy Shave Soap

• Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free
• SLS, Paraben, Phthalate, and Dye-Free

For the smoothest skin after a shave and a fresh scent – The Wanderer Creamy Shave Soap is a fantastic solution.  All you need is a mug or bowl and a shave brush.

You can see some of their other shave soap scents here or on Amazon.

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