Manta Sleep Mask

Father’s Day – Manta Sleep Mask

As we get older, sleep becomes more elusive.  My husband and I are no different.  It used to be as long as we had plenty of fresh air during the day, we would easily slip into that peaceful slumber at the end of a long day.  Not so much anymore!

Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

No worries, there are many things you can do to get a good night’s sleep.  Some work better than others, so figure out what works best for you.

#1.  Manta Sleep Mask

This is my favorite tip!  The Manta Sleep Mask blocks out all light leaving not even shadows visible.

This is the perfect gift for Father’s Day!  Whether used at night to block the early morning sun or during the day to take a nap, this is the perfect mask due to its amazing complete black-out design.

Blocking out all light creates an environment conducive to more REM sleep allowing for full rest and more energy in the upcoming day.

Sleep Mask

Personalized to fit your face perfectly, it is the ultimate sleep mask.  Composed of soft, breathable, and durable materials with hollowed-out eye pads allowing for no pressure on your eyes or eyelids.

Other designs available include the Manta MAX Mask and the Manta Weighted Mask.

All are available on their website or Amazon

#2.  Noise Machine

A noise machine is available at almost anyone’s fingertips through their smartphone and apps.  If you’d like, you can actually purchase a white noise machine.  They provide just enough noise to tune out anything going on outside of your environment, such as televisions, late-night neighborhood parties, early morning lawnmowers, etc.

#3.  Exercise

Fresh air and exercise play a huge role in achieving adequate sleep.  Even a one-mile walk can calm your body down in preparation for sleep.

#4.  Calming Practices

There are many ways to calm yourself down, such as yoga, meditation, calming music, sleep hypnosis, and more.  Guidance for many of these is available through apps on your smartphone.

#5.  Melatonin

An excellent way to relax naturally is to take melatonin about a half hour before bed.  This literally serves the purpose of prepping your body for sleeping.


If you are suffering from a lack of sleep, there is hope.  Start your journey to relaxation with the Manta Sleep Mask!

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