Hemp Seed Oil Is Often Recommended by Naturopathic Doctors

Hemp Seed Oil Is Often Recommended by Naturopathic Doctors

Have you been wondering if your naturopathic doctor can prescribe or advise you to use marijuana? If so, then you definitely need to familiarize yourself with hemp seed oil and marijuana. Here’s a look at why your naturopath doctor might advise you to use hemp seed oil.

Hemp Seed Oil And Health Benefits

Whether your skin is silky smooth and free of wrinkles or you’ve just finished your 5th session of Botox, hemp seed oil is an excellent product for your skin and overall health.

Hemp seed has been known as a multi-purpose natural remedy for a long time in other countries. This type of oil does not contain any THC, which is the psychoactive element found in cannabis. Still yet, many consumers are sketchy about hemp and its benefits for the body. Fortunately, education is widespread, and the hemp market is growing in regions across the United States, with a growing number of people showing interest in it for its amazing health advantages.

Hemp Seed Oil Is Often Recommended by Naturopathic Doctors

It helps maintain a healthy immune system

The fatty acids found in hemp seed oil are known for being promoters of healthy flora in the body’s intestines. These same fatty acids also help support the functions and responses in the immune system. During the flu and cold season, this benefit of the oil can be beneficial because viruses can easily be spread at everyday places such as work, school, and any social interactions that people attend.

A supplement that is a mercury-free fatty acid for the body

Omega 3 fatty acids provide a great way to regulate your mood, boost your immune system health, and improve brain development. And while many people take fish oil supplements to help add these fatty acids to their body, hemp seed oil can provide the same benefit. Better yet, this oil doesn’t carry the harmful risk accompanied by ingesting mercury.

It helps feed the brain

In addition to fatty acids, hemp seed oil has docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), essential for brain development. More so, it’s needed for healthy retina eye development, mainly within the first year of life. Some studies show that pregnant mothers who supplement with hemp oil in the beginning months of pregnancy may facilitate the baby with a healthier brain and eye development.

Hemp Seed Oil Is Often Recommended by Naturopathic Doctors

Improves nail, hair, and skin health

A common use of hemp seed oil is as a moisturizer for the skin. Studies have shown that hemp seed oil can dramatically reduce your skin’s dryness and help deter any irritation. Also, the special anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in hemp seed oil help slow the aging process, meaning your skin can be smoother and softer for many more years.

It is great for heart health

Hemp seed oil has a ration just like any other form of oil. Its ratio is 3:1 ratio, which means this type of oil has an omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acid balance, which has been proven to promote heart and cardiovascular function. These important nutrients play a huge role in the biological process and can prevent many people from developing degenerative diseases.

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