Auvon - The Best Pill Organizer

Auvon – The Best Pill Organizer

Are you tired of not being able to find just the right pill organizer?  I know I was.  Either there were too few compartments. The compartments were too small, it would open up in my purse, or some other mishap would happen.

Auvon - The Best Pill Organizer

Let’s start with the colors!  This pill organizer is gorgeous – no boring white or all green here.  So not only are the days color-coded, but they also say the day of the week on them.

Each day has two compartments that are generously sized and clip-closed securely.

The full week of pillboxes fit securely in a clear box.  This double clipping of the inner box and outer box help to ensure no pills ever end up falling into a child’s or animal’s hands or mouth.

This pill organizer will never accidentally spill.  Colors, labels, and portability serve as reminders to take supplements and medication in a timely manner.

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