8 Unexpected Uses for Video Makers

8 Unexpected Uses for Video Makers

Over the years, video has become an integral part of all our lives resulting in an increased number of video makers as options. The human mind is visual, and watching things helps in retention. With video, you cater to your viewer’s visual and audio senses. That way, you can ensure an immersive viewing experience.

Today, with easy access to smartphones, creating and watching videos is simpler than ever before. High internet penetration and the reduction in data costs have further contributed to the popularity of videos. Every day, more than a billion hours of video content are consumed on YouTube. In the coming days, the figures are expected to rise.

As the popularity of videos continues to rise, so does their variety. Today, video is no longer restricted to informative and visual content. Video creation and editing knowledge are used in several creative pursuits. If you are interested in becoming a content creator, we will explore eight unconventional and unexpected uses of video editors in this article.

Videos for Landing Pages

A look at the video trends of recent days suggests that video is rapidly replacing supplementary texts on most corporate websites. With video brands can achieve more compelling call-to-action. Most social media promotional videos have CTAs that link to the company website.

These days, several larger web properties allow video-based microsites. These include sign-up for more details, attending an event, ordering online, and other built-in conversions. With most brands looking at leveraging microsites, you need to create stellar videos if you wish to stand out. With well-edited videos, the microsites help push potential customers further in the sales channels and generate better sales.

Behind-the-scenes Videos

8 Unexpected Uses for Video Makers

Behind-the-scenes videos give a humane face to your brand. Most video editors allow you to create content from everyday life, such as interviews with your developers, office tours, or team outings. People start to relate to the brand when the values echoed in such videos are in sync with one’s values. This establishes familiarity, and potential customers prefer your business over the competition.

Customer Support Videos

Customer support is an integral part of the business model of most businesses. Brands are creating videos for their post-sales support and maintenance. The average internet user does not have the patience to read through long textual manuals. Due to this, they often miss out on essential steps during assembly and installation.

You can simplify things for your customers by creating product support videos. By adding subtitles and closed captioning during the editing stage, you can label the parts of the products. Similarly, you can create video FAQs for common customer queries.

That way, your customers can solve minor issues with their products independently without reaching out to your support team. This simplifies matters for you and improves the productivity of your team. When you provide a seamless setup and active maintenance support to your existing customers, you turn them into loyal customers.

Internal Communication Videos

With the latest editing tools, you can create videos highlighting your business plan, upcoming activities, team achievements, and other details for your employees. Ideally, such videos are pre-recorded and shared with the employees. You can also create videos for new employee orientation.

For companies whose operations are spread over multiple countries, proper video editing helps to get all the employees on the same page about the company culture. By sharing the company values, history, policies, and other details through video, there is uniformity in knowledge transfer, and this helps in employee bonding.

Email Marketing Videos

Videos are a preferred form of email communication. The word video in the title increases the chances of the email being read. If you can post personalized videos in the email body, it will sow the seeds of a healthy business relationship. Alternatively, if you are looking for a one-fit video for all, try to define the purpose of the video.

You can create a video illustrating the features of the innovative product you are launching. You can then email this video to your customers who have shown an interest in similar products. If you embed a YouTube video link in the email, Gmail users can view the content from their inbox. While indulging in video marketing, you must color-correct the video and work on the visual appeal of your content.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Using an appropriate video editor lets you combine satisfied customers’ clips into testimonial videos. When you have a potential customer watching such a video, they are likely to be convinced of the product’s effectiveness. Such videos require minimal investment from your end and have more value than a brand promoting itself.

Employee Training Videos

Many businesses invest their resources in getting industry experts to train their teams. Often the training has to take place in multiple shifts. This is done to ensure that some employees are at work all the time and that the business does not suffer. With video, you can have an industry expert record a video for your team.

That way, the expert needs to speak only once, and your team can watch the content at their convenience. Modern video maker online tools ensure that the content is visually appealing and lets you use appropriate infographics and images to highlight the key points. This increases the retention abilities of the viewer and gives your business a good ROI on the training.

PR Support Materials

Video can be an excellent way for bloggers and networkers to talk about their businesses. As a brand, you can leverage video support catalogs such as sound bites, video footage from corporate events, b-roll clips, etc. With appropriate video editing tools, you can make them into exciting videos.

If your business is into CSR or community initiatives, you can compile clips from such events and make them into videos. These will help you to build a sense of community around your business offering.  Also, if your brand is into monthly newsletters, you can switch to video. Considering the ‘open’ rate of such newsletters is usually relatively low, substituting it with a video talk show will yield positive results.

The scope of video is diverse, and brands are continuously exploring different ways of inculcating video content. Today, we see several advancements in 360-degree videos and VR content. In the coming days, these are expected to revolutionize the world of videos. With the right editing tools, videos will give you a headstart in the competitive world of business. As your brand keeps up with the times and leverages videos to write its success story, here’s wishing you a successful journey ahead.


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