25 Get to know you questions for kids to get them talking

Authored by: Athena Nagel

All children love to talk about their days and what’s going on. But getting them on the right track and create stories might take a lot of energy, time, and motivation. So what are some of the best questions to ask your children and get them talking? Here are the top 25 selections of questions that you cannot go wrong with if you want to get your kindergarten child or a teenage boy talking.

25 Get to know you questions for kids to get them talking

Who’s the funniest person around you? What’s funny about them?

If you can invite someone famous to this table, who could it be? Why?

As a kid, if you have the power to change the traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu, what would you serve?

If your favorite animal can talk? What would you like it to say?

What is the feeling when dad says I love you?

What are you suspecting you’ll dream about today?

Do you have any phobias? What is it and why?

If you are given a chance to spend the whole day outside, what would you do?

Pretend you are salt Bae and tell me about your restaurant, what would you serve?

If you have a yard and are asked to grow anything, what would it be?

What is the best bit of being in school today?

What’s the funniest teacher in school? What makes them funny?

If you had $1000 today, what is the first thing to do with the money?

What qualities do you like the best about your best friend?

What’s the only thing your classmate said today that you are still thinking about right now?

If you are a famous person right now, what would you want to be known for?

When we were schooling, there were some students, teachers, and workers that were a bit mean! Does this happen in your school?

What is the thing you wanted to learn about today but your teacher didn’t give you a chance?

If you have a chance to change just one thing in your school today, what would it be and why?

If you were a superhero, what kind of a human being would you like to be associated with?

What are you currently thankful that your teacher did today?

If you were a photographer today, what would you take pictures of?

What is the craziest thing you have ever eaten outside this dinner table?

What types of rules would you introduce if you had a chance to make home rules?

If a friend asks you to keep a secret from me right now, would you spill it or not? What would you do if I asked for the same?

Don’t worry if your child gives you silly answers to these questions. Remember that children pay attention to what is going on around them to learn one or two things. For that reason, pay all the attention to their body language to know for sure whether they are saying the truth or not.

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