How Does a Personal Injury Case Work in a Courthouse?

Personal injury cases are of relatively simple types. A personal injury lawyer can easily take control of the cases. In the US, any personal injury case should be filed in a lower court before it advances in the higher court. Here, you can go through the details of the courts and understand how a personal injury case progresses with time.

Every personal injury case takes place between the plaintiff and a defendant. So, you must be aware of your position in the court. Generally, you might always be the plaintiff who sues the defendant in court.

Levels of courts for filing the cases of personal injury –

There are three major types of courts functioning in the US where you can file personal injury cases. They are as follows:

  • Small Claims Courts

As it is clear from the name, small claim courts deal with personal injury cases which have damages below $5000. For personal injury cases, you can manage your trial on your own. You can click on this link, to learn more about the potential injuries you can file a claim for. However, if you have no legal knowledge, hire a personal injury lawyer for his support.

The main focus point of the personal injury cases on the small claims courts remains at property damage. The legal management companies and their lawyers handle cases on compensation disputes. So, you can consult them if your insurance company is not providing you the right amount of monetary coverage.

  • County Court

Personal injury cases can be subjected to the county courts if the rate of total damages exceeds $5000 and remains below $15000. In this type of case, there can be property damage and value claims where the amounts might diminish.

Generally, the cases which start in the county courts take more extended trial periods than that of the small claims court. The personal injury lawyer should be experienced enough to handle a case in the county court. Furthermore, as a plaintiff, you should always keep the case transparent as complications might prolong the case.

  • Circuit Court

The cases related to personal injury with a claimant amount exceeding $15,000 are subjected to the circuit court. In some cases, it is seen that the personal injury cases advance to the circuit court. Even if it starts from the small claims court, a case is more likely to end in the circuit court.

This occurs as the plaintiff’s claims cannot be judged based on evidence. Therefore, you should always hire a clever and experienced personal injury lawyer to ensure getting the best coverage.


If you are bothered about finding the best personal injury lawyer in your area, take a second to see it in your locality. You have to enter the Zip Code on the website and get the list of lawyers working in the field. Choosing one might instead be a tricky task, so you should always ask for the quotes.

Finally, you must check a lawyer’s previous ventures before making a final deal.

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