How To Maintain Sanity During Long-Term WFH

The Covid-19 pandemic shook the entire world in the year 2020 and led to some drastic changes. The most noticeable transition was the shift from regular offices to work from home. Employees faced coordination problems that made it challenging for them to work patiently at home. As a result, it took a toll on their mental health. With some employers embracing the model for good, the extended work from home makes it even harder to handle the situation. Here are some tips for maintaining sanity through a prolonged WFH stint.

Follow a routine

The most important thing you can do after waking up is to plan out a routine and stick with it. Make sure to set an alarm, shower, and have breakfast on schedule. Having daily tasks and timelines on paper can help you maintain a balance between personal and professional life. Ditch working in nightwear and dress up to handle tasks confidently to make your day productive.

Decide on a dedicated place at home

If your company wants to operate remotely for the long haul, investing in a home office is not a choice. Having a dedicated space will help you be more productive and steer clear of distractions. Decorate your workspace with office essentials and planters to make the atmosphere calming. Also, ensure a healthy posture and have a reliable Internet connection. 

Look for a wellness aid

Consistent work stress can be harmful to your health, and it comes as a part of the WFH package. The best thing to maintain sanity during WFH is a natural wellness aid such as cannabis. Vaping is a good option for instant stress relief, and you can even indulge in small sessions during work breaks. Stock up the right strain and invest in a pink glass bong to gear up for wellness breaks. You can also have a longer session at the end of the day to sleep better.

Reach out to people

The best way to maintain sanity during working from home is to stay connected to people. Plan out zoom meetings and also remain connected outside with friends and colleagues. But ensure to follow Covid protocols at all times to limit the spread of infection. Planning regular meetings with colleagues will also be good for you mentally and help you be productive and efficient.

Be positive

During these unprecedented times, it is essential to remain positive. Try and look for the silver lining, and you can easily find it. Think about the people who are still working from office amid the fear of the pandemic. Feel lucky that you are safe at home with your family and still making money. Make the most out of this time and achieve your professional targets with dedication and hard work.

The long-term work-from-home system has its upsides and downsides. But maintaining your work-life balance is the key. Keep calm and have a planner to keep all the tasks aligned for the day. Ultimately, you can achieve the goals and will remain happy with your work and personal life


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