I Got Headaches When Fishing Until I Visited This Website

Before I visited the Method Seven website, I had no idea what polarized light was, let alone that I needed protection from it. Little did I know that it was the cause of all of my problems, which I’ll give you some background on now.

Well, I’ve been a keen fisherman for many years. I love the outdoors and the tranquility, so it’s something I get out and do every chance that I get. That said, the trouble I was having with headaches on sunny days was not only irritating but confusing.

I mentioned the problem to a friend who also loved fishing and I told him that I’d stopped going on sunny days because of it – which when living in Texas, is most of the time. He said that he’d had a similar issue until he’d bought some polarized sunglasses from a website online. 

Polarized Sunlight 

It was at this point that the concept of polarized sunlight was introduced to me and it explained everything. I’d been wearing a standard pair of sunglasses the whole time and what I didn’t know was that they didn’t provide any protection at all against it.

Basically, a great example of polarized sunlight is the glare that you get from the surface of the water. It’s called this because once ‘vertical’ sunlight hits the water, it’s reflected, with its polarity being changed to a horizontal one. The problem is that standard sunglasses only protect against vertical light frequencies, not horizontal rays.

I Got The Solution From the Method Seven Website 

So, I went ahead and bought a new pair of their SUN Mendo Dope Evolution Camo polarized sunglasses to solve the issue, with the product arriving on my doorstep within a couple of days. I could tell they were well made as soon as I unboxed them, but it wasn’t until I got out on the water again that I saw where my dollars had been spent.

The first thing I noticed was how relaxed and comfortable my eyes felt and I didn’t have to reach for my painkillers at any point during the day. In fact, I found that I forgot that I was even wearing them at points, but the main benefit to me is that I go home after an enjoyable day in the sun without the associated head pain.

It’s Allowed Me to Enjoy What I Love

I thank my lucky stars that I found the Method Seven website, as it’s allowed me to do the thing I love more than ever. I’ve stopped having to plan ahead, looking through weather forecasts for the next cloudy day so I could go fishing again. 

I’ve even found myself wearing them when I’m not fishing, as my research taught me that polarized sunlight can occur elsewhere off anything shiny or reflective. That glare you get in your face when sitting in a traffic jam from the other cars is another place where there’s lots of polarized sunlight and I’m now protected there too.

So, if you’re an outdoorsy, sporty person and you’re having any issues relating to headaches or dizziness when you’re out pursuing your passions, think about specialised products like these, as they offer a solution that can absolutely transform your experience.

It changed things for me and it can for you too. 


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