4 Problems That Occur in Your Life When You Have Frozen Shoulder

Officially known as adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder can take years to heal. The pain is severe, long-lasting, peculiar, and may consume concentration and invoke restlessness. Over time, frozen shoulder can cause mental health issues when left untreated. Here’s how frozen shoulder has an impact on your entire life.

The pain keeps you awake

Pain combined with irregular eating habits, caffeine intake, and lack of exercise equals a decrease in sleep. The loss of sleep increases as one short night becomes a shorter night, which soon turns into full days without sleep. If you want to know how to sleep with a frozen shoulder, lying on the unaffected side or sleeping on your back can alleviate extra pain. You can also try sedatives or melatonin to fall asleep despite discomfort.

Your professional life slows to a halt

You never know if frozen shoulder will be grounds for a day off. If you can’t get enough sleep, you’re headed for trouble at work. Even if you can, persisting pain is a problem for physically demanding jobs. Additionally, the gradual loss of movement would pose a safety hazard for laborers, construction and warehouse workers, and even those working in administrative positions. Both pain and exhaustion feed into each other, so you’ll need to address frozen shoulder with a doctor so you know you have what it takes to function on the job.

4 Problems That Occur in Your Life When You Have Frozen Shoulder

Medications can cause debilitating side effects

Over-the-counter pain medications may have limiting effects. You can develop a tolerance for a drug, meaning its effectiveness is reduced over time. Rebound headaches, depression, nausea, dizziness, itching, and sweating are all side effects that can be as debilitating as a frozen shoulder itself. When learning about over-the-counter medicines, Everyday Health recommends reading the drug facts label to make sure you’re not doubling up on something and you’re taking the drug as prescribed.

4 Problems That Occur in Your Life When You Have Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder can be confused with other conditions

Frozen shoulder can be mistaken for a torn rotator cuff, where the tendon is either partially damaged, or completely pulled off the bone. Unlike a torn rotator cuff, frozen shoulder results in near-constant immobilization. A strained shoulder, on the other hand, would not result in as much pain, neither would any kind of internal injury.

Studies show myths surround frozen shoulder. But the second and third phases of the condition are treated with surgical procedures about half the time. Learning to differentiate between which pain describes what condition can ensure you get the right treatment.

Frozen shoulder pain is worth worrying about. Whether you’re challenged at work or in your personal life, the pain can cause you to feel frustrated and overwhelmed, especially when you’re not prepared. Now that you know how frozen shoulder will impact your life, you’re in a better position to get help than you would be if you weren’t aware.


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