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5 Ways to Help Your Customers Care for Their Elderly Dogs

Whenever life with dogs is mentioned in conversation, people usually think of hyperactive puppies or healthy and assertive adult dogs. Few people actively think of the elderly canine companions with graying muzzles and cloudy eyes. These images and what they connote—the difficulty of watching pets reach their twilight years—rarely dominate the public conversation. That may be one reason why many dog owners feel lost and out of depth when their beloved fur baby starts to age.

For sure, dog owners will start to experience some unique problems when their dog becomes elderly. They’ll start to notice their pet’s problems with mobility, incontinence, and ingesting food and water. It will also be distressing to see their dog in pain and to think about missing out on all the important moments before their furry friend crosses the rainbow bridge.

For these times in their lives as pet parents, you’ll want to be there for your customers. Additionally, you’ll want to help them secure the happiness and quality of life that their elderly dog needs. That said, what are the best ways to support your customers with senior dogs? Here’s a list of five helpful and creative ideas:

Offer Products That Contribute to an Elderly Dog’s Quality of Life

One of the most practical things you can do for your customers is to offer them products that will make their elderly dog more comfortable. Items like wholesale dog beds can guarantee that a senior dog has a warm and cozy place to sleep in.

It would be a good idea to market products specifically for older dogs in the same way that you would market items that are best for puppies. This will give pet owners an easy reference point when shopping for their senior dog’s essentials.

Share Important Information About Senior Dog Health

Good health is all the more important in a senior dog. This ensures that the pet’s twilight years with their humans are as long and pleasant as they possibly can be. Through channels like your business website and your social media accounts, highlight the importance of good health for elderly dogs.

First, you can advocate timely checkups at the vet’s office to get the pet’s bloodwork analyzed and to update their vaccinations and anti-parasitic treatments. In addition, you can promote a healthy diet and an active lifestyle for senior dogs. If you share accurate and substantial information from experts, it will be of great help and comfort to your customers.

Spearhead Initiatives for the Welfare of Your Community’s Elderly Dogs

There are also various ways that you can celebrate senior dogs and ease the burdens experienced by their owners. For one, you could offer special discounts in your shop for customers with elderly pets. For another, you could oversee a community fundraiser or an event that offers a specialty service, like free grooming.

Even the small things, like a free dog pedicure or discounted dog diapers, will relieve many pet owner’s anxieties. This, in turn, could help them focus on the happier moments with their senior pets.

Showcase Real-life Stories of Homes with Elderly Dogs

Many owners love sharing tidbits about their lives with their canine companions. However, the media and web content that’s frequently consumed by the general public slant towards puppies and younger dogs.

You can shift the balance by offering owners of older dogs a platform to share their stories, such as on your website or an online video channel. On these platforms, these owners can be candid about the difficulties they experience while taking care of senior dogs. They can also be more open and honest about specific moments that make their lives with their fur babies extremely special.

Reach out to your customers and ask if they’d like the opportunity to participate. Tell them that their stories could give some much-needed perspective on real-life with elderly dogs, especially to other pet parents who have yet to experience that milestone.

Create a Community of Support Around Elderly Dogs and Their Owners

Lastly, your organization could take charge of creating a wider community of owners with senior dogs. These owners would feel particularly comforted about the fact that they are not alone, and that there are other people who are striving just as hard as they are to make the best of their pet’s journey into old age.

To encourage owners of elderly dogs to socialize, you can facilitate either online or face-to-face meetup opportunities for them. You can also connect them to each other via a social media group and encourage them to share questions or tips.

For many of your customers with elderly dogs, life will be full of ups and downs. The closer their canine companions get to their twilight years, the more physical, financial, and emotional hurdles they’ll have to take care of.

Fortunately, things will get easier if you can help your customers address their senior dogs’ needs. Not only will they be extra thankful, but they’ll also be able to immerse themselves more fully in the special moments with their beloved fur baby.

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