Sliding Curtains as Room Dividers

Curtain Room Dividers

Authored by Athena Nagel

Partitioning a room with a curtain into zones is a trending solution for studios, small flats, and large apartments. Using dividers with curtains in Dubai, you can separate a working space or lounge zone in a small apartment, while dividing a large room into zones will add coziness. Renovation is not always necessary to get the desired result! Sometimes it is enough to use curtains.

When and Why Do You Need Curtain Room Dividers

You can achieve separating spaces in a room in many ways. However, using traditional curtains remains an excellent option. Under a comprehensive approach, you can get a stylish and unique interior. Dividing the room area into zones will not add extra meters but will help to create a more harmonious look.

What is the point of room separators?

  • divide the space of hall into a living room and a place for rest;
  • isolate the working area;
  • make a boudoir or a walk-in wardrobe in a bedroom;
  • split the shared nursery into private spaces for a boy and a girl;
  • separate the cooking area and dining space in the kitchen;
  • separate the dressing room and the kitchen from the rest of the studio space.

Curtain room dividers may have not only functional but also decorative purposes. They are often used to decorate wide doorways or arches.

Advantages of Curtain Dividers

Zoning a room with curtains is a fun process that will allow you to bring any ideas to life at minimum expenses. Here are the benefits of using curtain room separators:

  • Low cost.
  • Ease of installation.
  • The possibility of replacement at any time. Thus, you can freshen up or even completely transform the interior with the least possible troubles.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Saving room space. Curtains do not take up much space, which is very important for small living areas.

Consider the following rules if you want to create separate spaces in a room using curtain dividers:

  • When zoning a room with a divider, at least one window must remain in each functional part of the room;
  • The sleeping area should be located in the shaded part of the room, and the living area should be well lit.
  • The sleeping zone should be located in the part of a room without a door, and the lounge area with sofa and coffee table should be in the part where the exit is, which is a reasonable decision when having guests.
  • Go for thin dividers for small premises as they do not take up much space.

It should be noted that with curtain dividers, you will not achieve sound insulation. Fabric partitions serve only as a separator.


Curtain dividers are a popular design solution, especially for small premises where it is important to save as much space as possible for functional zones. Therefore, curtains turn out to be the most convenient and suitable option to divide the living space.

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