5 Tips to Improve Your Sexual Wellness

Sexual wellness is part of health, and not only that – it can play a critical role in it. The COVID crisis affected many aspects of our health, including our sex lives. Anything that impacts us adversely can spill over into sex. Partners stuck at home together for too long, arguing over how to stay social in the pandemic, experiencing financial issues, or struggling with homeschooling their kids will feel sexually and emotionally disconnected.

The absence of exercise classes, social engagements, and free time can leave us too tired to have sex, adding to our wellness issues. Here are five tips to start improving your sexual wellness today.

1. Make it a Priority

Having better and more sex means making time for it. Getting in the mood is often out of the question if you’re overwhelmed with tasks. If all else fails, you could schedule it. It might sound unsexy, but we schedule important things, don’t we?

Before you get in bed, do something relaxing. This is mandatory for women because they can’t have good sex if they’re stressing over something.

It may help to masturbate or otherwise self-stimulate to get in the mood. This way, you learn something new about what satisfies you and communicate it to your partner. Women who use sucking silicone vibrators also tend to derive other benefits from this type of stimulation. For example, it can reduce vaginal pain and dryness if this is something you struggle with.

The recommendation to explore self-pleasure is not limited to sex therapists only. For some women, it may be easier to orgasm solo than with a partner. Discovering your preferences will make it simpler to derive pleasure in sexual experiences with others.

You could add a vibrator or dildo for enhanced stimulation. You won’t go wrong if you go for this option and buy one made from silicone. This is the best material for sex toys, hands down. It’s safe, easy to clean, and feels great.

2. Pay Attention to Your Body

Many adults are still unaware of what pleases them and may have even less insight than you. Take the opportunity to experiment and find out what feels good to you, and don’t be afraid to communicate this to your partner. Experimentation through touch is an excellent way to learn about your body and what you enjoy. A positive outlook towards sexual pleasure and your own body is crucial for maintaining a healthy and fulfilling intimate life. You can really get your confidence flowing with some sexy underwear too.

On that note, exercise is important for general health and sexual wellness. While your exercise for your muscles is crucial for good sex, blood flows throughout the body and to the genital organs. For example, people with erectile dysfunction find exercise alleviates their condition, as do other healthy lifestyle habits. Even men who take medication for ED find a healthy way of life, including diet and exercise, adds to sexual benefits.

3. Talk About Likes and Dislikes

Many people find talking about sexual likes and dislike awkward, even in the best situations. In the face of sexual wellness issues, feelings of resentment, guilt, shame, and pain can halt any attempt at a conversation. One of the first steps to sexual wellness is good communication. Talking about things is the cornerstone of an emotional bond and a healthy relationship.

So how would you go about it, ideally? Here are a few suggestions.

If you and your partner haven’t been together long, talk about needs and boundaries before getting intimate. Don’t be afraid to experiment while you talk. It might be fun.

What’s equally important as what you talk about is when. It would help if you found the right time and place for this conversation. You can have it in or outside the bedroom. During sex, it’s fine to tell your partner what feels nice and what doesn’t. Are you interested in toys such as https://www.dragondildoes.co.uk? Let’s say you want to broach a larger issue, such as problems orgasming or mismatched sex drives. In that case, a setting more neutral than the bedroom is reasonable, or the inclusion of aids such as a penissleeve.co.uk.

Whatever you do, don’t be too critical. It will have the opposite effect. Don’t focus on the negative if, objectively, there’s as much good about the sex as it is bad. If you have sexual issues, approach them as a resolution rather than blaming your partner for them. There’s a common misconception that good sex should come easily and naturally. For many people, it simply doesn’t. Communication is key.

4. Be willing to adapt

Once you’ve established what you want or don’t want to do, talk about it. As with everything else, being flexible is important. Your and your partner’s sexual preferences will change over time. What’s more, this conversation won’t be a one-time thing. Novelty wears off, and you’ll need to work hard to keep the fire going. Try to adapt to differences in preferences, desires, and especially sex drives.

5. Consider Treatment

Reach out for help if you can’t solve things on your own. A therapist can help you and your partner discuss arousal and desire and deal with other problems. In the context of a weak emotional connection, sexual satisfaction can be hard to achieve, especially for women. The longer couples wait to get help. The harder issues are to overcome.

Medical Causes of Sexual Wellness Issues

In some cases, the reasons for sexual disinterest or problems are medical. Thyroid issues, diabetes, and heart problems can lower libido. Women with endometriosis, nerve issues, or other problems can experience pain during sex. Depression and anxiety result in lowered sexual desire. Finally, the medication prescribed for these conditions and blood pressure medication can diminish desire.

If experiencing inexplicable loss of sexual desire or other symptoms, get a medical checkup before the condition deteriorates further. If you’re on medication with sexual side effects, inquire into the possibility of changing it.

Sexual wellness is not a matter to be dismissed. If you don’t feel sexually satisfied or have another problem, address it sooner rather than later.

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