A Revolutionary Belt – The Groove Belt

Are you like me and hate the struggle and frustration with a belt buckle? Lord knows it is a struggle that always happens when I am urgently running to the restroom! Having a belt with a buckle that can open as sort of a quick release is a godsend.

The Groove Belt is a revolutionary buckle. The belt itself can be cut to size or left long and simply wrapped around on the inside. I favor the “cut to size” option.

The Groove Belt is the answer to my struggles.  Not only did I have rotator cuff surgery and sometimes struggle with moving my arm quickly. I doubt this belt was created for surgical rehab but they really should market to the shoulder surgery population.

What’s so special about the Groove belt? It uses Neodymium Magnets to snap the buckle in place perfectly.

The belts are made with proprietary webbing, neodymium magnets, and an aluminum alloy buckle.  The belt is available in 5 sizes.  Belts are available for men and women.

Another great benefit is for disabled individuals. My son is 21 years old and autistic.  When he was younger he could ask someone for help with his belt (and shoelaces). Now he really can’t walk up to people and ask for help with his belt.  In private I will help him but in public – yeah it gets very awkward. There is no way in the world he would need help with a belt like this.

The magnetic buckle snaps itself right into place – all he has to do is get it in the general area.  For such a strong magnet – it is also very easy to take off.  Simply shift the top of the buckle ever so slightly and it separates easily.

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