Why You Should Customize Your Dog’s Kennel

Do you have a rambunctious pup that tends to tear apart furniture, stain the carpet, chew on your shoes, or rummage through the garbage while you’re away from home? Pet owners lean towards keeping dogs in crates to prevent damage to their homes and belongings. If you’re going to keep your dog in a crate while you’re out, you should at least do it in style. Here is why you should customize your dog’s kennel.

Make Your Dog Comfortable

Crates or kennels often receive bad reputations for being some sort of punishment or jail. However, they should never be used as a form of punishment, and you shouldn’t keep your dog cooped up in them for hours on end. Their primary purpose is to act as a bed or den. If they’re portrayed in a positive light, crates and kennels should be viewed as a sanctuary. Your dog should feel like it can go to its crate or kennel to seek refuge from household activity or loud noises, such as storms and fireworks. If used properly, a crate or kennel should be a place where your dog willingly goes in and out, a sort of safe haven, even while you’re not home.

What makes a safe haven better than one with a custom touch? Custom dog kennels can make a cozy alternative to the traditional wire crates. No more hard plastic floors and steel frames. Many custom kennels are handmade with wooden materials. You can make a custom kennel comforting with soft fluffy beds, blankets, chew toys, and treats.

Make sure you keep it safe for your dog, though. If your dog likes to rip the stuffing out of stuffed toys, don’t put a stuffed toy in the kennel because it could harm the dog’s stomach. Make the crate personalized to your dog’s behavior and put in unharmful items that can keep them cozy and distracted while you’re away.

Incorporate Into Your Home

With a custom dog kennel, your dog can enjoy the comfort and you can enjoy a new piece of home decor.


Get rid of the clunky and ugly wire crater, and add a stylish custom kennel. A custom dog kennel adds to your decor by the way you design it or have it designed. If it’s wooden, you can stain it to match the rest of your wood furniture. You can also make it shaped to fit in a specific area of your house and sized to suit your dog’s needs.


The addition of a custom kennel can look good in your house and act as a functional piece of furniture. For example, B&B Custom Dog Kennels crafts handmade kennels that double as end tables or console tables with drawers. This gives them practical use that fits in seamlessly with your home’s style. If you keep your dog in a crate while you’re out, you should customize it. It’ll be more comfortable for your dog and more satisfying for you.

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